Acupuncture & Biofeedback

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Promoting Healing and Physiological Awareness

Acupuncture and biofeedback are valuable, natural therapeutic resources for the treatment of chronic pain and physical withdrawal symptoms. Even outside of the context of recovery, patients suffering from a variety of ailments have benefited greatly from these two therapies. They help patients gain a heightened awareness of their bodies and better control over their natural function.


Acupuncture is a central part of traditional Chinese medicine. It involves professional experts regulating the flow of patients’ “qi,” or natural energy, to facilitate healing and pain relief. The minimally invasive process incorporates the insertion of small, thin needles at crucial pressure points in the body. Acupuncture has been particularly effective in the alleviation of pain and nausea that so often accompany the lingering withdrawal period after the detox process.


One of the most commonly utilized and effective tools in the measurement of physiological response and the exploration of brain activity’s impact on the body, biofeedback helps patients adjust their thought patterns to filter out dysfunctional and damaging thoughts that could trigger relapse.

Our biofeedback experts measure patients’ brain responses with specialized equipment, while exploring positive and negative situations that are likely to elicit a desired response. Through the results of these assessments, both doctor and patient gain increased knowledge regarding how to stimulate positive brain activity geared toward recovery and continued sobriety.


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