Yoga Therapy

Part of the job of any good drug and alcohol rehab facility is to arm its patients with tools and methods they can use to stay on the path of recovery following residential rehab. A large reason why relapse is so common in recovery is that many addiction therapy facilities fail to adequately prepare their patients for life on the outside.

Yoga is commonly identified by its exercise postures and focus on balance, mobility and flexibility. It also focuses on breathing techniques, meditation and increasing self-awareness.

Body-centered therapies, such as yoga and Qigong have been increasingly used in addiction treatment over the last two decades. The ancient Indian practice, dating back to the BCE era, has long been linked to an increase of mind-body awareness – an area where many addicts struggle, often leading them to substance abuse during times of high stress and adversity.

Seaside Palm Beach uses yoga in addiction treatment for multiple reasons:

  • Low impact exercise for all ages and levels of health.
  • Improve stress handling abilities
  • Promote relaxation
  • Improve mental and physical health
  • Increase sleep ability
  • Improve circulation and flexibility
  • Drug-free pain management

Prevent Relapses Through Continued Yoga Practice

If given the choice, most substance abusers would choose not to be addicts; unfortunately mental health issues and difficulties in handling stress often lead them down the same destructive path. By educating our patients on yoga techniques and its many benefits, we not only help them stay motivated and inspired during rehab, we also empower them to successfully continue their recovery after leaving our facility.