Painkiller Addiction Treatment for Executives

executive pain medication addiction treatment

One-of-a-Kind Pain Medication Addiction Care

The emotional and physical ramifications of stress can be debilitating, and few people feel more stress than the modern-day business executive. Seaside Palm Beach’s executive pain medication addiction treatment program was designed for the rising number of high-level professionals who find themselves battling painkiller dependency. The life of an executive usually consists of constant pressure, long nights, often no family and access to practically anything they want. We understand the psychology of the addicted executive, and have designed a specialized program for this select group.

Our Executive Pain Medication Addiction Treatment program offers the patient the opportunity to maintain the lifestyle for which they have worked so vigorously, while implementing a one-of-a-kind course of treatment developed around their specific needs.

Common Paths of Executive Pain Medication Addiction Treatment

Some of the most commonly abused prescription drugs include OxyContin, Percocet and Vicodin. It is not uncommon for physicians, either in the interest of sparing the patient pain or through simple misdiagnosis, to hastily prescribe these drugs. Many of our patients have started off taking a legitimate supply of these drugs, and wind up using them in a manner inconsistent with their physicians orders.

The pursuit of wealth and a successful career might have contributed to your addiction, but you can now use your success to give yourself the best chance at recovery. Our program is one of only a few in the world that caters to the needs and rehabilitation efforts of today’s executive.

What to Expect from Treatment

We are committed to addressing the root causes of addiction to better enable the development of post-rehab of relapse prevention and pain medication avoidance techniques. Our program starts with a thorough professional detox, where the utmost attention is paid to patient comfort and symptom management. This is followed by a personalized course of rehab, including psychotherapy to help patients gain heightened self-awareness and maintain recovery. This program is the ideal choice for high-powered professionals looking for a clean system, a fresh start and a second chance.

The Seaside Difference

The staff at Seaside Palm Beach has pioneered this breakthrough course of treatment, and is ready to administer the best available executive pain medication addiction care. We have long been a forerunner of specialized addiction treatment, and are ready to put our professionalism, compassion and expertise to work for you. It is time to let someone else carry the load for a while.

If you are a professional or an executive who is suffering from pain medication addiction please call us anytime, 24/7 at (888) 997-3274. We have successfully treated executives and professionals just like you, and will use our extensive knowledge and decade’s worth of experience to put you back on your path to recovery.

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