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What to Expect in Addiction Treatment

At Seaside Palm Beach, we understand that getting help can be overwhelming, even if it is within a luxury drug and alcohol rehab program. At the start, recovery is filled with unfamiliar faces, new settings, uncomfortable routines, and a lot of changes that can be scary because you do not know what to expect at a treatment center. You do not need to be afraid. Our luxury treatment center in Palm Beach is here to make you comfortable and answer your questions about addiction rehab.

What to Expect in Addiction Treatment Detox

Each patient’s treatment begins with a thorough course of medically supervised detox. During this stage of care, patients expel the harmful residual toxins that have built up in their systems as a result of untreated drug or alcohol abuse. Our doctors and nurses consistently monitor patient progress. They are qualified to handle any medical emergencies and help diminish withdrawal symptoms. Detox is a critical part of the recovery process and should be handled by experienced professionals who are trained to treat addiction and substance abuse. Our rehab in Florida is committed to guiding patients safely through this critical initial stage of care so they can embrace the rest of the recovery process.

Comprehensive Treatment: A Typical Day in Rehab

It can be hard to know what to expect in rehab, but Seaside Palm Beach offers a luxurious, all-inclusive treatment experience in which patients undergo expert detox and state-of-the-art rehab all in one location.  At our Florida luxury drug and alcohol rehab, we believe in treating the whole patient, not just their addictions. Addiction is more than a drug dependency for your body. Our mental health treatment in Palm Beach works on your mental health as well. In fact, unlike many other facilities in the area, our holistic addiction treatment focuses on healing all areas of your life that your addiction has hurt.

While in detox, patients begin a personalized course of rehab and behavior modification. The primary distinction between our high-end rehab and other treatment facilities is our full menu of innovative, cutting-edge treatment therapies. We’ve gone to great lengths to give our patients a treatment experience in which they can feel safe, learn about themselves, and build a plan for continued sobriety when they’re back out on their own.

After a preliminary assessment by our doctors and therapists, patients begin a customized care plan. Our holistic approach incorporates traditional and alternative therapies to give patients a full-service treatment package. Therapies to expect in addiction treatment may include various treatments and unique therapies like a spiritual program, group and individual therapy sessions, and meditation.

Our family addiction programs will also help families heal together.  Relapse prevention and the development of coping mechanisms are integral parts of our rehab programs. When patients complete their treatment programs, their therapist makes recommendations for continued care and draws up a personal recovery plan. Outgoing patients are also encouraged to join our alumni and social networking community.

If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our luxury rehab program in South Florida.


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