Private Alcohol Intervention

When Enough is Enough

Too frequently, friends and family of alcoholics think the best course of action is to ignore the problem, avoid confrontation and hope it takes care of itself. The people closest to an addict are the ones who have the greatest potential to create change and inspire them to take action and seek help.

An alcohol intervention is often the first step in attempting break a loved one’s alcohol addiction. In many cases, alcoholics are oblivious to their problem and to the collateral damage created by their addiction. A well-organized intervention effort can go a long way in illustrating a person’s need for rehab.

Why You Need Professional Help

Due to the sensitive nature of addiction and the relative inexperience of most individuals, conducting a successful intervention sounds much easier than it actually is. An improperly executed alcohol intervention can lead to name calling, shouting matches, personal arguments and several other outcomes which are not conducive to an addict wanting to seek help. At worst, a failed intervention can cause an addict to retreat into an emotional shell, shutting out friends and family members and increasing substance abuse.

This is obviously the opposite intended effect of an alcohol intervention.

Seaside Palm Beach has overseen and coordinated thousands of successful alcohol interventions, helping family members get help for their loved ones. Our understanding of why many interventions fail gives us incredible insight into how to make them successful. We focus on creating a non-adversarial atmosphere, helping friends and family create immediate plans of action, mediating any unproductive disputes and in the overall organization of interventions.

Make the First Time Count

As powerful as alcohol addiction is, the love of friends and family is far stronger. If you have a close family member who is falling deeper and deeper into alcoholism, you cannot afford to wait any longer to step in. Our professional interventionists have enjoyed a high rate of success in getting alcoholics to willingly accept treatment and improve their lives.

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