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For Families

One of the ways we protect your loved one’s recovery while they are in our care is by eliminating cash
from our operations. When it comes to providing for their ancillary spending needs, Seaside Palm Beach utilizes the True Link Prepaid Visa® Card.

What will this card be used for?

Though Seaside sees to most of the daily needs of those under our care, your loved one will use the
card to pay for incidentals during their time at Seaside. This includes haircuts, cigarettes, medical emergencies, and other as-needed items.

What do I need to do to activate the card?

Nothing – we will activate and manage the card.

Will I be able to see my loved one’s transactions?

Yes, family funders can see the current card balance and transactions. Transactions will always occur
within the parameters set forth by the treatment professionals at Seaside; If a transaction is attempted
outside of those parameters, it will appear as “Blocked.”

What happens if we close down the card – do I get my money back?

Yes, if the card is permanently closed, any funds on it will return to the bank account linked to the card.
A temporary block can be instantly placed on a card in case it is lost, stolen, or if your loved one’s
recovery is threatened. The block can be removed as soon as the issue is resolved. In any case, your
funds are protected.

What happens when my loved one leaves Seaside?

The True Link Card is designed to help your loved one transition to life after their episode of care.
Upon discharge, administrative rights can be transferred directly to you. You will then be both the card
funder and the card administrator. As an administrator, you can adjust the settings to allow and/or block
spending to best support your loved one’s recovery.

Can I block certain types of spending?

Once you are the True Link Card administrator, you can set limits on spending and block certain
types of purchases, as well as specific merchants.

How quickly will my loved one have access to money?

The availability of funds depends on the time of day that a transfer is made. The money is usually available
the next business day after a transfer.

How do I fund the card?

You can link the True Link Card directly to your bank account and set up funding on a one-time or on a
reoccurring basis. We provide separate instructions (included here) for linking your account and initiating
funding. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to True Link’s Customer Support.

For Patients

Seaside Palm Beach is dedicated to your recovery, so while you are in our care, we will handle
your discretionary purchases. This includes necessities like toiletries and other items that you might
need during your stay or for weekend activities. In order to manage discretionary spending efficiently,
Seaside provides each client with a True Link Prepaid Visa® Card. The card is more secure than cash,
and it provides transparency to you and your loved ones.

How does it work?

The True Link Card works just like a normal debit card and is funded by your loved ones. You will be
issued a True Link Card upon admission. Depending on the center and the level of care, you will be
given access to the card directly or a member of the Seaside staff will handle the card.

How and when is the card funded?

Your family/loved one will provide the funding for the card and Seaside will serve as the card administrator.
The administrator will communicate with your family/loved ones about their role in funding the
card and work to make sure that you have funds available for discretionary spending when you need

Can you/my family see what I spend my money on?

Yes. True Link accounts can be accessed from their website by logging in to the user portal. You and
your loved ones will be given instructions on how to get access to your account. From there you can
see available funds, spending, and the types of spending restrictions that have been put in place.

How do I check my balance?

There are several ways to check your balance; you can log in to your account online, call automated
support (1-800-299-7646), or via text. If you’d like to check your balance via text, your phone number
can be enrolled and you can text True Link’s automated system to receive a text with your card

Can I get money at an ATM?

No. The True Link Card is customized so that it cannot be used at an ATM by anyone.

How can I tell my loved ones to add funds?

Ask a Seaside employee to contact your funder and request a transfer to the card.

Can I overdraw the account?

Because only the funds transferred to the card are accessible, there is no way for your True Link Card to
be overdrawn.

What if there are funds remaining on the card when I am discharged?

Any remaining funds on the card will be transferred to your funder’s bank account. If you choose to
continue using the card, we can transfer administration of the card to your funder.

What if I have questions?

For most questions regarding card use, including questions about where and when the card works, you
can speak directly to the Seaside employee who assigned it to you.

How does this support my recovery?

The True Link Card allows you to purchase what you need without engaging in cash transactions. The card provides transparency into spending that can help rebuild trust with loved ones. Many of our patients choose to continue using their True Link card as they move to a different level of care with greater independence.