Private Physician Rehab Program

Seaside Palm Beach helps impaired physicians and other healthcare professionals recover from addiction and restore their lives and careers. Our team of experienced medical and clinical professionals craft individualized treatment plans that take into account the unique set of challenges that impaired physicians face on the road to recovery. These include counseling and educational sessions that address issues such as professional licensing, career management, and participation in healthcare diversion, well-being, and monitoring programs.

Our team also recognizes the elaborate defense mechanisms that impaired physicians and other healthcare professionals can construct to keep themselves in denial about their condition. This denial is often combined with concerns about professional and community status that thwart efforts at recovery. Even when in recovery, healthcare professionals face distinct challenges due to the high-stress nature of their work environment and their relatively easy access to a wide range of pharmaceuticals.

Addiction Treatment for Physicians

At Seaside Palm Beach, our specialized Impaired Physicians program offers numerous treatment elements that are critical for success, such as:

  • Exposure to current scientific and medical research on the subject
  • Discussions with “in recovery” healthcare professionals
  • Practical advice on re-entering the healthcare work environment
  • Referral to appropriate post-treatment monitoring programs

In addition, our “living recovery” philosophy enables patients to stay in touch with the outside world through a laptop or cell phone during their recovery. This is a critical component for many of our patients who are seeking to maintain their private practice or professional responsibilities while pursuing treatment.

We Understand the Unique Care Needs of Doctors

The highly skilled and experienced team at Seaside Palm Beach understands the special set of circumstances facing professionals in the healthcare field who find themselves in the grip of addiction. We are uniquely prepared to help physicians confront their addictions and return to their personal and professional responsibilities. If you’re interested in our addiction treatment for physicians, contact us today.