Private Rehab for Pilots

Faced with the responsibility of hundreds of passengers’ safety on a regular basis,  it is easy to see how many airline pilots fall prey to drug and alcohol abuse. These high-stress jobs can take their toll on even the strongest individuals, leading to a dependence on drugs and/or alcohol that risks their own lives and the lives of everyone on-board their aircraft. However, even among pilots who recognize that they have a problem, a traditional alcohol and drug rehab center may not seem like an appropriate solution. That is why many aviation professionals choose the Pilot Rehabilitation Program at Seaside Palm Beach.

Comfort and Luxury for Aviators

Pilots spend many years training and logging thousands of flying hours to achieve their professional status. They deserve a safe, comfortable and supportive environment to pursue their recovery. Unfortunately, most facilities are not equipped to successfully address the unique and specialized care needs of aviation professionals. They fail to grasp the glaring relationship between job-related stress and the onset of addiction. Seaside Palm Beach has developed a program that provides expert and comprehensive addiction treatment for pilots, while helping them resume their careers and do what they love.

Helping Pilots Get Back In the Air

Although the stress of their careers might have been the catalyst for their addiction, Seaside Palm Beach recognizes the intense love and passion that pilots have for their jobs and the incredible focus and training they went through to get where they are. Our Pilot Rehabilitation program helps pilots develop stress management exercises and confront the situations that posed a challenge in their personal and professional lives. This enables patients to resume their careers with mitigated threat of stress-related episodes or relapse. We will also assist in the completion of all necessary paperwork and work with pilots’ employers to recommend aftercare and suitability regarding their return to work.

Our program consists of:

Our program is staffed with professionals from the aviation industry who understand the unique stress that pilots face – and how it can lead to addiction. They also know how to tap into to the unique strengths that pilots share and to utilize these strengths and resources in the recovery process.

If you are a pilot who is suffering from any type of alcohol or drug problem and are looking for the best and most targeted rehab available today, please call us now, toll-free 24/7 at (888) 997-3274.

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