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If it were easy to break a drug dependency or alcoholism, there wouldn’t be more than 23 million Americans addicted to drugs and alcohol. For each addict, there are specific catalysts and triggers that lead to substance abuse. Without first identifying and eliminating these catalysts, recovering from substance abuse becomes even more difficult. For those who require intervention, medical support, and distraction-free care, our luxury inpatient rehab in Florida offers a variety of services that can aid in the achievement and maintenance of sobriety.

What Is High-End Residential Treatment for Addiction?

Also referred to as inpatient treatment, residential addiction treatment is an addiction level of care designed to treat substance use disorders in individuals who require medical attention and intervention. Residential treatment usually includes medically assisted detox as the first step and is considered to be the most intensive level of care. This treatment helps clients safely and effectively recover from withdrawal symptoms and overcome cravings common in early recovery.

Once patients are medically stable from withdrawals, they can then move on to the therapeutic portion of residential care, which includes individual and group therapy with our counselors. As we previously mentioned, residential care is the most intensive level of care, making it the first level that most patients have to complete before moving on to partial hospitalization care and beyond. With inpatient care, patients live at the facility to receive distraction and temptation-free care.

Oftentimes, the most effective way to treat a severe addiction is to remove the individual from their current life situation and place them in a supportive, protective, and therapeutic environment free of drugs, alcohol, triggers, and other temptations. Seaside Palm Beach is one of few luxury drug rehab centers and combines beautiful and cathartic scenery with expert addiction care and psychological treatment to help patients begin the process of changing and rebuilding their lives.

What Our Luxury Inpatient Rehab Offers

Our luxury residential rehab immerses patients in their recovery, eliminating distractions and temptations in the process. As a luxury treatment center in Palm Beach, we also offer patients the ability to continue living in a way they are accustomed to, with the finest amenities, while finding their sobriety.

Our residential addiction treatment is administered in a safe and secure environment free from distractions. As we previously mentioned, clients in our luxury inpatient rehab live on-site as they undergo programming to decrease the likelihood of relapse and add a layer of accountability. In addition to luxury detox and medication management, patients in this program will also meet regularly with our therapists, both individually and in group settings, to heal psychologically from substance abuse and develop important coping skills for recovery.

This period away from everyone and everything allows patients to gain greater clarity about who they are, who they want to be, and the damage that their substance abuse has caused. During luxury inpatient alcohol rehab and drug treatment, the patient will be able to address this damage and learn how to combat the negative thoughts and emotions that contributed to their drug-taking behavior. Patients will also have the necessary tools to handle challenging situations that will inevitably occur outside of treatment.

Services included in our luxury residential addiction treatment include:

  • Individual and Group Counseling Sessions
  • Animal-Assisted Therapy
  • Neuro-Integration Therapy & Brain Mapping
  • SMART Recovery
  • 12-Step Meetings
  • Holistic Treatment
  • Spiritual Program
  • Family Therapy
  • & More

As a luxury drug and alcohol rehab in South Florida, we also offer a variety of unique amenities that aren’t typical of other rehab facilities. These include gourmet meals prepared by our culinary team, pool access, access to a gym that contains various machines and workout gear, massage and aromatherapy, and more.

A large portion of drug and alcohol rehab programs focus solely on breaking a person’s addiction instead of focusing on the root of their addictions. This insufficient technique is also often employed by people trying to rehabilitate themselves, leading to a failed or incomplete effort. It’s important to understand that addiction is not a choice – it’s a progressive disease that erodes a person’s life. Breaking down the addiction and finding out exactly what led to it is an important component of the recovery journey.

Finding a Luxury Inpatient Drug Rehab Near Me

Residential rehab gives patients a chance to rebuild and recreate themselves in a new life of sobriety, armed with tools, education, and confidence to move forward in recovery. If you are battling addiction and you don’t know where to turn, the treatment experts from our high-end rehab are here to guide you through recovery.

Our Palm Beach luxury addiction treatment facility will allow you to focus solely on sobriety in a comfortable and relaxing setting. For more information on how to get started, contact Seaside Palm Beach today.

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