Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Luxury Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Over 14 million adults in the United States struggle with an alcohol use disorder.1 This group is comprised of normal people who have lost control of their drinking. Sometimes alcoholism can lead to a very obvious rock bottom; other times, as in the case of high-functioning alcoholics, these people can appear to lead mostly normal lives. Either way, alcohol can cause serious health problems, relationship issues, mental illness, and even legal issues. It is imperative that alcoholics get help for their drinking problems to prevent these other issues from getting worse.

Signs of Alcoholism

As a luxury rehab in South Florida, we know that because drinking is also a social activity, it can sometimes be difficult to determine when it has crossed the line from frequent habit to addiction. Sometimes this transition can even appear to happen in the blink of any eye. Whether your drinking habits may be starting to become troublesome or you believe one of your loved ones may have crossed this line, look for these common signs of alcoholism to determine if your next step should be luxury alcohol abuse treatment.

  • Drinking at all hours of the day
  • Drinking alone
  • Facing legal problems from drinking such as a DWI
  • Drinking to excess regularly
  • Making excuses about drinking habits or drinking in secrecy
  • Neglecting responsibilities in favor of getting drunk
  • Social withdrawal from friends and family
  • Using alcohol to cope with other problems

If this sounds like you or a loved one, our luxury alcohol addiction treatment center in Palm Beach wants to help.

Our Luxury Alcohol Rehab in South Florida

Being in recovery doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice the standard of living that you have become accustomed to. At Seaside Palm Beach, we are a luxury residential rehab so we offer a higher level of comfort and security than most other alcoholism treatment programs.

Patients who come to our beautiful Florida facility will be able to work on their alcohol problem while enjoying amenities like maid services, dry cleaning services, and gourmet meals. We also understand the need to be discrete for some of our patients and offer private pickup from the West Palm Beach airport as well as a secluded location for treatment.

During their time with us, patients will explore the root cause of their drinking problems and relapse prevention techniques they can implement when they begin to transition back to their everyday life. After a long day of alcohol treatment programmings such as group therapy, individual therapy, and holistic therapies for addiction, our patients can retire to the privacy of their living quarters while still enjoying the availability of 24-hour support from our experienced staff. For patients who also struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder, a common occurrence for alcoholics, our luxury dual diagnosis program offers help for these problems as well.

If you or a loved one is looking for luxury alcohol addiction treatment that allows you to work on your drinking problem without having to sacrifice your way of life, look no further than Seaside Palm Beach. Contact us today to learn more and to get started. Call us now at 888-997-3274.


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