Addiction Treatment Services

If you struggle with an addiction yourself or you have watched your loved one struggle with addiction, you understand that amount of damage that substance abuse can create in a person’s life and how difficult it can be to overcome it. Choosing the right addiction treatment facility is an important decision, but it can be daunting. You want to ensure that the rehab you pick has various addiction treatment services and programs that are designed for not just your immediate recovery but also your long-term success.

Our Various Addiction Recovery Services

Whether you are looking for help for you or your loved one, our addiction recovery services offer an approach to substance abuse treatment that goes beyond just stopping the use of your desired drug. With holistic treatment, unique therapies, and even an executive rehab program, our Florida rehab has everything patients need to work towards a brighter future and a happier life.

Holistic Treatment Options

Addiction is more than just removing your body’s dependence on the drug. At Seaside Palm Beach, we believe in a comprehensive approach to substance abuse to help our patients improve all aspects of their lives that addiction has damaged.

Holistic addiction treatment in South Florida includes addressing the root of the patient’s problems by working on improving their mental health and helping them to better understand why they abuse drugs or alcohol.

Unique Therapies for Addiction Treatment

As part of our addiction treatment services, we also offer various therapies to help our patients overcome their addictions and work toward long-lasting sobriety. Working in tandem with our holistic treatment program, these unique therapies are designed to give our patients the tools they need to continue their sobriety long after they leave our West Palm Beach rehab. Patients will have the opportunity to partake in group therapy, mental health therapy, animal-assisted therapy, and SMART recovery. Together, these therapies will help the patients to heal the damaged areas left behind from their addiction.

Executive Addiction Treatment Services

At our luxury rehab, our addiction treatment services include an executive program. Most rehab centers require patients to completely unplug, but we understand that this is not realistic for everyone. The executive program is a good fit for high-level professionals and executives who are unable to step away from their business for an extended amount of time. Our high-end rehab in Palm Beach has everything patients need to continue their work and remain productive throughout their time with us.

If you or your loved one is struggling with substance abuse, do not wait any longer to address this problem. To learn more about our addiction treatment programs and our luxury treatment center in Palm Beach, please feel free to contact us. We want to help you get your life back on track.