Patient Rules

Seaside Palm Beach Patient Rules of Conduct

  1. Treat all patients and staff respectfully.
  2. All electronic devices will be turned off (not on vibrate) during treatment hours of 10am-5pm. We offer breaks in between sessions and a lunch hour every day 12:15-1:15.
  3. When requesting times for Living Recovery (business-related activity that must be done during group time), please make request to Clinical Coordinator in AM and we will coordinate your schedule around your availability.
  4. Schedules – you will be given an individual schedule during morning meditation Monday through Friday.  All patients are expected to be on time for all scheduled appointments and groups during their stay.  We want our guests to participate in their recovery and get the most out of their stay. If for any reason you have questions regarding your schedule please let staff know and we will do our best to help assist you.
  5. Weekend Schedules – all guests are to turn in requests by Wednesday in order to receive staff approval.
  6. Arrive on time for all scheduled activities.
  7. Attend either Seaside Path Group or outside 12-step meeting as scheduled in the evening.
  8. Will facilitate evening Seaside Path to Recovery Group when requested to do so.
  9. Will facilitate AM Meditation Group when requested to do so.
  10. Will comply with all medical recommendations.


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