Professional Athlete Pain Medication Abuse

The Professional Athlete Pain Medication Abuse program at Seaside was created in response to our extremely successful groundbreaking Professional Athlete program at our parent organization, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches. Although both programs offer expert care tailored specifically for professional athletes, the primary distinction between the two programs is the upscale accommodations that are provided at Seaside.

Active and retired professional athletes give their bodies to their careers and often wind up developing significant long-term physical problems as a result. An additional challenge for current athletes is getting the help they need to quickly to resume their careers and remain viable assets to their organization. Our program offers quality treatment and effective pain management to those elite group of people whose talent, accomplishments and legacies in the world of professional sports have been compromised by pain pill addiction.


Targeted and Specialized Treatment for Pro Athletes

Most pro athletes develop addiction to pain medications while trying to treat career-related injuries. They often take the pills in a manner inconsistent with physician directions and after a while, find it difficult to stop. In addition to fatal overdose, pain medication addiction poses considerable health risks, including but not limited to:

  • Heart Attack
  • Hallucinations
  • Severe Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Intestinal Distress
  • Violent Mood Changes
  • Insomnia
  • Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

Since the inception of this program, Seaside Palm Beach has successfully treated numerous professional athletes for pain medication addiction, while providing an environment that mirrors their luxurious and advantaged lifestyle.

Helping Pro Athletes Safely Manage Chronic Pain

One of the primary challenges of pain medication addiction is helping patients to find other, less dangerous means of addressing their continuing chronic pain. Unfortunately, despite experiencing short-term relief, many patients continue to suffer from chronic pain after their addiction develops. In many cases, their addictions cause their chronic pain to worsen and their sensitivity to increase (a condition called hyperalgesia). Our program incorporates the use of traditional treatment methodologies with proven alternative pain relief techniques, such as:

Once patients can learn to successfully manage their chronic pain without running the risk of relapsing and resorting to powerful prescription painkillers, they can begin to live a life free from addiction and the fallout that comes with it, including career troubles, legal problems and personal turmoil.

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