Beautiful Florida Location

Addiction recovery can be a draining and uncomfortable time. Especially if you are used to a more luxurious lifestyle, a traditional rehab may fall below the standard that you are used to. You want to get sober in a facility that will meet your needs at a calm and relaxing location.

Seaside Palm Beach Location

Situated next to the Atlantic Ocean in beautiful Palm Beach County, Florida, Seaside Palm Beach provides patients with a beautiful location to begin their recovery journey. For over one hundred years, Palm Beach, Florida has been known as one of the most desirable destinations for the wealthy around the world. Palm Beach is a beautiful, small island whose seaside provides peaceful ocean views. The island’s other side faces the scenic Intracoastal Waterway featuring some of the most stunning yachts and homes in the world.

For our patients, our luxury rehab facility location provides the opportunity for quiet walks along the beach as well as wide paths for walking, running, or biking along the intracoastal. Both places are also ideal for meditation and reflection that can aid in the recovery process. The campus itself includes a beautifully landscaped ground that provides a safe haven for patients looking to escape the addiction triggers in their everyday life while enjoying the Florida sun. It is easy to see why our facility is one of the most sought-after recovery destinations in the United States.

What to Expect at Our Palm Beach Facility

We are proud to be able to not only offer patients a serene Palm Beach location, but also a luxury facility that provides them with all of the amenities they have come to expect. Because we are a high-end drug rehab center, we are able to give our patients special comforts that most other centers lack. Patients can also expect the highest quality care with experienced medical experts and clinicians there to guide them every step of the way and ensure long-term success. No matter which addiction you suffer from or the level of care you will need, our Seaside Palm Beach facility is here to help you overcome this addiction in comfort.

Security and Discretion

We place the safety and privacy of our patient community above all else. Guests arriving via Palm Beach International Airport will be discretely chauffeured to our Palm Beach rehab facility and warmly welcomed by our staff awaiting their arrival. We also offer round-the-clock on-site security that allows patients to heal in a private, supportive and sensitive environment. We understand the important role that trust plays in the recovery process, and firmly believe that patients heal better when they are at ease in their treatment program. Our safe and private living environment is simply an extension of our first-class approach to patient care.

Fully Furnished Residences

To help our patients with their recovery, we believe that a luxury residential rehab should feel like a home away from home. With our patient’s comfort in mind, we pride ourselves on the attention to detail that was considered when designing and developing our retreat. Each patient will have a large, fully equipped room to help them feel at ease during this vulnerable time. Laundry service, flat screen televisions and maid services are just a few of the added luxuries at Seaside Palm Beach. Private rooms and ocean views are also available at an additional cost.

Executive Chef

Our residents enjoy gourmet rehab meals prepared by our executive chef. Our dietary consultant blends a unique combination of holistic nutrition and an understanding of the pleasures of fine epicurean tastes. Quality food and healthy eating habits are also an integral part of patient recovery. A healthy diet can help patients expedite their healing process and give them the energy and vitality they need to sustain their recovery.


At Seaside Palm Beach, we pride ourselves on the luxury rehab amenities we are able to provide including dry cleaning services, daily maid service, concierge services, and access to a large swimming pool. We also allow patients to maintain contact with their loved ones and business associates with the use of wireless internet and mobile devices during times in which patients are not in therapy. Our luxury facility mirrors our philosophy that patients should not have to sacrifice or compromise their lifestyles during their treatment.

After your stay at Seaside Palm Beach, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on everyday life with the tools you have learned in rehab. We show our patients the strength they never knew they even had and our location is the perfect setting to make these necessary changes. For a better look into our Seaside Palm Beach facility, take a virtual tour.