Levels of Addiction Treatment in Palm Beach

At Seaside Palm Beach, we understand that addiction is a serious disease that affects people differently and can negatively impact various aspects of a person’s life. Although there are many Florida rehab centers, it’s important to find one that offers effective forms of treatment that meet your needs. After you take that first step by seeking professional addiction treatment programs, what follows is a long road of hard work and determination to not only give up your addiction but to stay sober in the long run. Our luxury drug and alcohol rehab offers different forms of addiction treatment in Florida to help people with substance use disorders achieve long-term sobriety.

Addictions Treated at Our Florida Rehab

From those struggling to get their loved ones help to people looking for addiction programs that cater to their lifestyle, our drug and alcohol rehab in Florida can help. We help patients from the beginning of their rehab programs develop healthy behavioral patterns and habits that promote sober living.

Our Florida drug treatment includes programs for addictions like:

  • Alcoholism
  • Benzo Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Heroin Addiction
  • Methamphetamine Addiction
  • Opioid Addiction
  • Prescription Drug Addiction

Because support from our Florida center for recovery doesn’t cease when treatment is completed, our patients become part of the Seaside family and have access to a support system through our alumni program even if they leave the South Florida area.

Our Levels of Florida Addiction Treatment

Our Florida addiction treatment includes various levels of care, such as inpatient treatment, to help individuals who are in different stages of the recovery process. As a high-end rehab center, we offer a level of comfort that often exceeds that of other rehab facilities in the area. The various levels of addiction care offered at our facility include:

Luxury Detox Program

Our luxury detox is a medically assisted treatment in which patients are slowly weaned off of drugs and alcohol. It’s common for individuals with addictions to experience withdrawal symptoms when they reduce their drug use or suddenly quit. These symptoms are often uncomfortable and can become life-threatening. Our medical professionals assist patients by providing them with 24-hour care and providing them with medication (as needed). Our medical drug detox in Florida is an important first step in recovery because it encourages patients to complete their treatment programs.

Luxury Residential Treatment

Patients in our luxury residential treatment program live at our facility for the duration of their treatment. Residential treatment is best suited for those who are struggling with severe substance use disorders or have just completed detox. The early stages of recovery are usually the most difficult, so a rehab program that offers 24-hour care and comfort minimizes the risk of patients leaving before they’ve finished recovery at our facility.

Luxury PHP Program

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is one in which patients live off-site but continue to come to our center for addiction treatment. This program is great for patients who are in the phase of recovery where developing a daily routine at home is necessary. Although all of our levels of care offer patients the tools they need to rebuild their lives after rehab, this program takes an active role in helping them make the transition.

Luxury IOP Program

Additionally, our luxury intensive outpatient program (IOP) consists of several hours of programming a week while patients can continue their lives outside of rehab. This program is best suited for individuals who have responsibilities like jobs and families to care for. In many cases, patients in our IOP treatment usually have already completed detox and are seeking a program that can keep them on track.

Additional Addiction Recovery Services

We’ve achieved the title of “luxury” because of the private, clean, and comfortable living space we provide. For patients to confidently and successfully move forward with their lives and avoid a relapse, comprehensive treatment is necessary. Our addiction treatment programs in Palm Beach are designed with this idea in mind.

With our holistic addiction treatment, we work to address the underlying emotional and psychological factors of addiction. Through these therapeutic approaches, we combat substance abuse on every level. However, patients aren’t the only ones who have access to these resources. Families and spouses of addicts in recovery can repair those important relationships that were damaged by addiction and work towards healing with the help of our family program.

Mental illness is another contributing factor of addiction that requires its own set of treatment. Whether mental health is the root of your problems or your addiction has created these issues, our mental health treatment is there to help those struggling with more than just their body’s dependence on a drug.

Whether you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, we want to help. Our different drug rehab programs in Palm Beach are available to assist you through every stage of recovery. Contact our luxury rehab center in Florida today to learn more about our facility and start your journey to healing.

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