Anger Management Treatment

Don’t Let Anger Rule Your Life

Everyone gets angry every once in a while – it’s a completely natural emotion. When anger is dominating and controlling a person’s life, this can create a host of personal and professional problems. When combined with excessive substance abuse or addiction, a destructive relationship can be formed. Drug and alcohol abuse can trigger anger – and anger can also lead a person to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to try and gain control over their emotions.

The anger management program at Seaside Palm Beach educates patients on recognizing the triggers for their anger, avoiding those situations and finding healthier and more productive ways to manage and direct it. We concurrently offer treatment for their addictions to help give them the fresh start and perspective they need to gain control over their anger and substance abuse struggles.

South Florida Dual-Diagnosis Facility

Anger management treatment is critical in rehab as an initial defense against relapse. Anger is one of the most frequently used excuses for relapse by recovering addicts, and is a very common emotion to feel in the first few months of sobriety. This is why treatment for both a patient’s addiction and their anger issues must be administered at the same time. Addiction and anger feed off of each other, and our therapists have developed treatment techniques to help sever that link.

Some of Our Treatments Include:

  1. Mental therapies (EMDR, neurofeedback, etc.)

Change Your Perceptions, Change Your Life

Controlling anger begins with changing the way a person sees the world around them. Many people have unrealistic expectations of themselves, the people around them and various other situations throughout their lives. When these expectations aren’t met, uncontrolled anger is often the result.

A person who can’t control their anger can damage their health, their relationships, their career and the lives of the people closest to them. Unresolved anger issues are also a gateway to other destructive emotions and behaviors like depression, anxiety and addiction. Come to Seaside Palm Beach to break free of anger, chemical dependency and alcoholism.