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The detox stage of rehabilitation is perhaps the most critical and difficult aspect of addiction recovery. In many cases, the addicted individual has been abusing drugs or alcohol for several years and has never gone for prolonged periods without using. During detox, he or she will experience intense pain and discomfort while battling withdrawal symptoms and nagging cravings. Because this stage of recovery can be intimidating, our Florida luxury drug and alcohol rehab incorporates bio-bed therapy in many of our patient’s treatment plans.

What Is A Bio-Bed?

Anxiety, sleepless nights, distractions, and difficulty staying motivated are all common things people in rehab experience. Restlessness, irritability, short temper, lack of energy, and other negative experiences in addiction treatment are often the result of withdrawal symptoms experienced during the detoxification process.

Withdrawal symptoms are the result of physical dependence, which is the product of drug or alcohol use that has existed for a long period. The more frequently and heavily a person uses these substances, the more dependent the body becomes on their effects. Eventually, the brain’s chemical makeup is altered to the point where the individual may experience both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms when they stop using.

While it’s new to the addiction and mental health field, bio-bed therapy is a form of therapy that promotes relaxation and distraction from distressing symptoms the individual may be experiencing during treatment. Bio-beds are comfortable beds equipped with technology that provides vibration and sound, harnessing the body’s powerful sensory system to help the individual relax.

Also referred to as bio-sound and bio-sound healing therapy, bio-bed therapy strongly relies on the use of sound. The intricate mix of sounds is akin to the brain waves of a person who’s completely relaxed. These sounds mimic the brain’s theta and low-alpha waves, promoting relaxation and reducing stress or discomfort.

Benefits of Bio-Sound Therapy for Addiction

During bio-bed therapy, a Neurotherapy specialist instructs the individual to lie down on the bed and relax. Then, a series of minor vibrations occur along with audio sounds (binaural). The vibrations stimulate various parts of the body, while the binaural sounds reinforce the effects of the vibrations.

There are various benefits of using a bio-bed, including:

  • Regulation of the body’s psychological processes
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced discomfort and pain
  • Improved memory and ability to recall things
  • Clearer thinking
  • Improved emotion management

Bio-bed therapy is especially helpful for individuals with co-occurring addictions and mental illnesses, otherwise referred to as a dual diagnosis. Some of the conditions that bio-bed therapy and neurofeedback therapy help to treat can include depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts/ideation, bipolar disorder, rage disorders, and substance use disorders.

Finding Bio-Sound Therapy Near Me

Individuals who require addiction treatment or mental health care deserve the best and most proven therapies and treatments possible. As a luxury drug and alcohol rehab in South Florida that prioritizes the use of holistic treatment, we understand the benefits of services like bio-bed therapy in addiction and mental health recovery. While it’s worth noting that not everyone’s treatment plans may look the same, having access to a wide array of effective treatment approaches increases the likelihood of long-term success.

If you or someone you care about requires addiction or mental health treatment, our high-end rehab can help. Seaside Palm Beach offers a wide array of services to support individuals struggling from disorders like opioid addiction to depression. Contact Seaside Palm Beach today for more information about our addiction or mental health treatment in Palm Beach.


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