Bio Bed Therapy

Providing Maximum Comfort through Detox

The detox stage of rehabilitation is perhaps the most critical and difficult aspect of addiction recovery. In many cases, the addicted individual has been abusing drugs or alcohol for several years and has never gone prolonged periods of time without using. During detox, he or she will experience intense pain and discomfort while battling withdrawal symptoms and nagging cravings. The fear of this phase often scares addicts from even attempting a recovery.

Seaside Palm Beach utilizes Bio Bed therapy as one of our means to help patients navigate through the difficulties of detox. We don’t want our patients to finish detox feeling discouraged, depressed or fatigued; we want them to feel enthusiastic and motivated during the next stages of rehabilitation. Bio Beds provide our patients with an elevated level of comfort and relief during the long nights in detox. This valuable resource is one of the many ways in which we limit the pain and discomfort associated with detox.

Integrating Traditional Healing Modalities

Bio Beds combine magnet therapy and amethyst healing energy to help addiction recovery patients remedy physical ailments and mental distress. The combination also helps individuals strengthen their spirituality. This healing technique has been used for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Greece and Rome.

More than anything, Bio Bed therapy helps detox patients get a full night’s sleep. This is highly important, as full rest helps alleviate both mental and physical symptoms of withdrawal. When patients can get some rest instead of spending all night focused on pain and cravings, they are better set up for a successful recovery.

Our sister facilities, Recovery Center for Women and Recovery Center for Men, have documented great success in using these beds. Patients using Bio Beds reported noteworthy reductions in depression, anxiety, fatigue, anger, pain and stress. The better a patient feels in detox and recovery the better his or her chances are at success.

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