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Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) offer a critical bridge in the continuum of care for individuals seeking healing. This level of treatment blends intense therapy with the chance to reintegrate and transition into normal life, ideal for those moving on from more intensive treatment.

Designed to address the complex needs of recovery, partial hospitalization treatment offers intense care and a structured day. This program supports individuals working towards lasting sobriety and mental health stability.

What Does PHP Stand for in Rehab?

In the realm of addiction rehab, PHP stands for “partial hospitalization program.” This structured and intensive level of care falls between inpatient or residential treatment and outpatient treatment. It is also commonly referred to as Day Treatment since the clinical programming occurs during the day, after which clients return to their recovery residences in the evening.

At Seaside Palm Beach, we offer comprehensive PHP treatment that provides individuals with therapeutic support and medical oversight. Patients live off-site at Linda Lane, our luxury recovery residence one block away. Linda Lane offers the same accommodations as our Seaside Palm Beach property and features private and semi-private rooms.

Participants in partial hospitalization programs typically reside in a designated sober living facility during the treatment process. This approach offers individuals the necessary care while maintaining a degree of independence. They have the flexibility to remain involved in their daily lives.

What Is PHP Treatment?

PHP treatment is a structured, intensive, and highly supportive environment for recovery. Suitable for treating both addiction and mental health, PHP is a versatile yet intensive level of care. It is designed for those who need a higher level of care than intensive outpatient treatment without the 24-hour medical supervision of inpatient care.

The Ideal Candidate for PHP Treatment

PHP treatment often serves as a transitional step for those who have completed inpatient treatment. It allows them to continue their recovery while gradually reintegrating into their lives. PHP is a level of care that offers a structured daily schedule similar to inpatient treatment. It helps them establish routines and create healthy habits to reduce the risk of relapse.

Our Luxury Partial Hospitalization
Program in Palm Beach

Our PHP treatment in Palm Beach offers an evidence-based approach to addressing substance use disorders. This premier program is designed for those who need a higher level of care while attending to daily responsibilities. We combine the clinical rigor of an inpatient-based setting with the comfort and amenities of high-end rehab.

We understand that addiction is a complex disease. Our PHP program is tailored to provide intensive therapy under the guidance of our experienced medical and mental health professionals. At Seaside, we are committed to excellence in treating substance abuse. The well-being and recovery of each individual are of the highest priority here.

Key Components of Seaside’s Luxury
Drug Treatment Center

Our luxury treatment center in Palm Beach is designed to provide clients with a comprehensive and effective path to recovery. Our program offers the following key components:

Premier Support for Professionals:
Our Rehab Program for Executives

At Seaside Palm Beach, we know that high-stress jobs can lead to substance abuse issues for professionals. We’ve designed a dedicated rehab program for executives, focusing on their unique challenges. Our program provides the specific support and treatment needed for those in high-risk professions.

Recover in Paradise: The Benefits of Our Luxury Rehab

Our PHP addiction treatment program is founded on a commitment to excellence. Recovery from drug or alcohol abuse is a unique journey for each person and requires a nuanced approach. Our tailored programs guide individuals toward lasting sobriety with professionalism and precision.

At Seaside we blend medical expertise with compassionate support in luxurious surroundings. Our PHP rehab program in Palm Beach, FL, offers several benefits. The advantages of choosing our luxury recovery center include:

Comprehensive Care

We provide a comprehensive array of psychotherapy services. This includes individual counseling, group therapy, medication management, medical monitoring, and psychiatric support.

Tailored Treatment

Our PHP experts tailor treatment plans to meet the specific needs and goals of each client. This ensures that treatment is relevant and effective for the individual.

High-End Setting

Our services are offered in a high-end setting, with lush amenities and private or semi-private accommodations available. You can undergo substance abuse care with us without sacrificing your comfort.

Flexible Scheduling

Unlike inpatient programs, PHPs allow patients to stay in an approved recovery residence overnight. This offers more flexibility to those who have work or family responsibilities during rehab.

Community Support

Group therapy is a central aspect of partial hospitalization therapy. It provides patients with the opportunity to connect with others facing similar challenges.

Continued Monitoring

PHPs monitor patients closely and adjust their treatment as needed. This ongoing assessment and flexibility in care contribute to improved outcomes.

Relapse Prevention

PHPs often incorporate relapse prevention strategies and coping skills training. These equip clients with the tools to manage cravings and triggers effectively.

Therapies Offered at Our Luxury Rehab in Palm Beach

At our high-end rehab center in Palm Beach, Florida, we offer a wide range of psychotherapy options. Seaside embraces both traditional and innovative approaches to addiction treatment. Recognizing that recovery involves much more than just addressing substance use, our programs are designed holistically. The aim is to enhance overall well-being and empower individuals for long-term success.

In individual counseling, clients work one-on-one with a therapist to address the root causes of their addiction. This personalized approach helps to explore personal issues and develop customized coping strategies.


Patients in our PHP receive close medical management and supervision. This ensures optimal safety and well-being during the early stages of recovery.


Group therapy provides a supportive community where clients can share their experiences. This collaborative space fosters a sense of belonging and mutual support essential for recovery.

Our clients have access to mental health professionals who specialize in addiction. We address co-occurring mental health disorders, enhancing the recovery journey.

Comparing PHP to Other Levels of Care

Partial hospitalization programs offer a balance between intensive inpatient care and flexible outpatient treatment. This is an important middle ground, catering to those who need structured therapy without full-time facility stay. PHP is perfect for those seeking significant support with the freedom to handle their real-life responsibilities.

PHP vs. Inpatient Treatment

The primary difference here is that inpatient or residential care requires staying at the facility 24/7. It provides constant monitoring, best for those in early recovery or with serious addiction. In PHP, individuals return to their recovery residence after the clinical treatment day, ideal for those with some stability but who still need daily therapy.

PHP vs. Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) involve less frequent treatment sessions than PHP. This level of care is suitable for people further along in recovery and needing less oversight. It offers more freedom for personal and work life.

The Path to Wellness: From PHP Admission to Aftercare

Starting your journey to recovery with Seaside Palm Beach begins with a simple admission process. A preliminary screening ensures you get the personalized care you need from day one. Our team is ready to guide you through insurance verifications and payment options as well, if needed.

Your First Steps With Seaside Palm Beach

Contacting Seaside Palm Beach is your first step towards a transformative recovery experience. Our admissions coordinators will help with every aspect of your entry into our program. From a quick pre-admission screening to addressing any medical conditions, we streamline your admission to be as smooth as possible. With the possibility of same-day admissions, we’re committed to helping you start your recovery without delay.

Beyond PHP: Ongoing Support and Aftercare Services

Once you’ve completed treatment, our dedication to your long-term recovery doesn’t end. Our alumni program extends a warm welcome to all who have come to the end of treatment. The network of support and resources helps safeguard your continued success in sobriety. In this space, you can attend recovery meetings, meet alumni members, and access relapse prevention methods.

Financial Considerations and Insurance for PHP

At Seaside Palm Beach, we want your transition into treatment to be smooth, including the financial aspect of care. We have a team of admissions experts who are ready to work with you to navigate insurance or costing queries. Our staff is available around the clock to answer any questions you may have.

Start Your Journey to Recovery Today With Seaside

If you or a loved one needs addiction treatment, don’t wait to get help. Begin your path to recovery at Seaside Palm Beach, where luxury meets leading addiction treatment. Our PHP for addiction offers personalized, medically supervised care in a beautiful, comfortable setting.

For more information about our mental health or addiction services, contact Seaside Palm Beach today. One of our admission specialists will answer your questions and help you schedule a one-on-one consultation if you’d like to take the first step toward recovery.

FAQs About PHP Treatment

The goal of partial hospitalization is to provide a high level of care while allowing patients to reside in a sober living environment. It’s designed for those who need significant support but do not need 24-hour supervision.

PHP typically involves treatment activities for 5 to 6 hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week. This schedule provides intensive support while allowing time for personal responsibilities. Participants can also take part in recovery activities outside the program.

A PHP offers more intensive and frequent care than an IOP, involving more hours of treatment per week. IOP provides a lower level of care, with participants engaging in treatment activities for fewer hours per week.

In a PHP program, clients engage in a structured schedule of therapeutic activities. This includes individual and group counseling, medication management, and psychiatric support. Programs offer a range of services to treat substance use disorders or mental health issues.

Inpatient treatment requires clients to stay on-site for constant medical and psychological support, with intensive daily clinical programming. PHP, on the other hand, offers stabilized clients more freedom. This includes off-site passes and exposure to real-life recovery activities, under the guidance of their clinical and medical team.

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