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If you’ve noticed that a close friend or family member is damaging their life and those around them with their drug or alcohol addictions, it may be time to intervene. But often times, before a successful drug or alcohol intervention is possible, it may be necessary to first conduct a codependency intervention for someone who is enabling the addict’s destructive habits.

Anyone from parents, friends, siblings and children can serve as a codependent party in a relationship. A person is in a codependent relationship when they blindly serve the needs of an addict without any regard for their own needs. Many times, codependency occurs because one person is reliant on the other for financial stability, or because the codependent party doesn’t want to feel the wrath of the addict.

Just like a person dealing with drug or alcohol addiction, a person who is codependent may not even realize it, making an intervention all the more necessary.

Seaside Palm Beach Can Help

No one wants to have their faults pointed out and to hear what they’re doing wrong or how they’re contributing to a loved one’s addiction. Just like with all interventions, it’s quite natural for the codependent party to become defensive, angry and resentful – causing them to shut out friends and family and ignore their cries for action.

In these highly sensitive situations, the best thing a person can do is seek the services of a professional interventionist. Seaside Palm Beach is uniquely experienced and equipped to coordinate your codependency intervention. We assist families in effectively communicating the need for rehab with the codependent party, while softening the blow enough to make them receptive, instead of defensive.

In addition to providing mediation and determining which friends and family members should be present, Seaside Palm Beach also offers innovative codependency therapies and treatments. Allow us to work with you in executing an effective codependency intervention and then establishing a corrective course of treatment in our South Florida rehab center.

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