Light & Sound Neurotherapy

State-of-the-Art Light and Sound Stimulation

Light and Sound Neurotherapy encompasses a variety of drug-free technologies designed to improve brain function. EEG biofeedback (also known as neurofeedback) is the most researched neurotherapy for treating substance abuse disorders. Neurofeedback teaches people how to strengthen desired brainwave patterns to improve their ability to relax and maintain focused.

An effective tool in treating trauma, Light and Sound Neurotherapy takes advantage of the brain’s natural responses to rhythm. The process involves therapists working with patients to elicit positive neurological responses via a series of tones and LED light movements. The goal of the process is to identify the origins of dysfunctional thought patterns and form positive associations with previously traumatic experiences.

Light and Sound Neurotherapy helps improve sleep patterns, reduces anxiety, decreases heart rate and blood pressure and helps in the treatment of depression. Seaside Palm Beach’s accomplished and sought-after research department have been instrumental in the innovation and implementation of this unique and cutting-edge modality.