Co-Ed Rehab Treatment

Elite Addiction Care for Men and Women

If you’ve grown accustomed to a life of comfort and luxury, Seaside Palm Beach is the right drug and alcohol addiction recovery destination for you. We understand that many have become used to a certain standard and quality of living, and we strive to maintain that standard during residential rehab.

We offer male and female patients unmatched addiction care, leading medical professionals and widely renowned mental health experts; all on the resort-like backdrop of our breathtaking grounds. Patients will have to search long and far to find a more accommodating rehab facility in South Florida.

Mental and Physical Evaluations

The first phase of treatment involves in-depth and thorough testing of patients for social, psychological, physical or emotional influences. We find that very few addictions exist without being accompanied by some mental disorder.

We also find that patients frequently enter treatment with deteriorated health. Using these evaluations to identify any nutritional or fitness deficiencies, as well as determining the severity of the addiction, allows us to create the most optimal course of treatment.

Medically Monitored Detox

The prospect of dealing with the pain and discomfort involved in detox often scares away many addicts who desperately need help. Though there is no such thing as a completely painless and comfortable detox, our medical professionals take every possible precaution to make the detox process one that leaves our patients inspired, rather than discouraged.

Individualized Drug and Alcohol Rehab

We recognize that each patient has his or her own contributing factors in addiction. In order to provide the highest level of care, these unique contributors must be accounted for. We analyze information we’ve learned about a patient’s medical background, family history, mental health and addiction history to provide personalized addiction care for all of our patients.

Continued Aftercare Service

Seaside Palm Beach is only the first step of many in your journey to sobriety. Staying away from drugs and alcohol while in residential treatment is one thing – remaining clean following reentry into your regular everyday life is completely different.

Recovering addicts will be face-to-face with stress, adverse situations and temptations that will test them early on in recovery. Many will also be going through lifestyle changes, which may leave them without many of their old friends, making them feel lonely and possibly depressed. As a safeguard against relapse, we remain in contact with our patients and their families for up to a year and have created an alumni network for additional support.