Private Spiritual Rehab for Addiction

Faith and spirituality have been the foundations for incredible healing and recovery for thousands of years. However, science-based approaches to substance abuse and mental health treatment have often found it difficult to measure the efficacy of spirituality and addiction treatment. Despite the reluctance of “hard evidence” by scientists to disprove the benefits of luxury spiritual drug rehab programs, there’s proof that says otherwise. 

Several studies, including an in-depth series of studies conducted by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, have shown that the concept of mindfulness (spirituality) can be effective in treating disorders like drug addiction, anxiety, depression, and even chronic physical pain. At Seaside Palm Beach, we believe that implementing faith, religion, and spirituality into drug and alcohol treatment is effective, which is why we combine spirituality and substance abuse recovery through the Faith in Recovery program. 


What’s the Purpose of Faith-Based Addiction Recovery Programs?

The concept of combining spirituality and addiction treatment is found in many religious or faith-based traditions, although it is often known by different names such as meditation, prayer, or trance states. Researchers published in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion have even developed a measurable “Spiritual Transcendence Index” that illustrates the relevance and importance of spirituality in people’s lives, enabling them to explore how spirituality affects other aspects of their health. 

Using this index, researchers have determined that spirituality buffers the adverse effects of stress on the individuals studied. This alone could account for a positive impact of spirituality on overall health, as stress has been shown to play an important role in the onset and perpetuation of many physical and mental disorders.


Our Spiritual Rehab Programs at Seaside Palm Beach

We offer Christian-based therapy at our Palm Beach luxury rehab to give patients an extra tool and source of inspiration in the fight against addiction. We offer both Christian and non-denominational spiritual therapies, incorporating regular religious services, scripture readings, and group counseling. We believe that being closer to God and building spirituality can help provide you with long-term assistance in relapse prevention and continued success in recovery. Faith-based addiction programs allow patients to strengthen their faith as well as overcome any addiction or mental illness that is present. 


Below are some of the various services offered in the Faith in Recovery program and luxury spiritual drug rehab programs at Seaside. 


Christian-Based Counseling


One service offered to patients in our luxury spiritual drug programs is individual Christian counseling sessions with our counselors. During these sessions, patients will have the opportunity to sit with either our Chaplain, Anthony Acampora, or one of our other counselors to discuss their struggles, relapse prevention techniques, and more. Leaders of our faith-based addiction recovery meetings may also offer advice from a Biblical perspective or utilize Bible studies to teach patients valuable lessons for recovery. 


Those interested in the individual faith counseling sessions offered in our Faith in Recovery program will have to speak to Anthony or another team member to schedule them. These sessions are not included in the program but rather an additional and optional service. 


Christian Telehealth Counseling


In addition to spiritual and Christian inpatient therapy, we also offer our spiritual programs to patients who’d prefer to receive treatment remotely. In light of COVID-19, offering telehealth services to patients has become a priority to our Palm Beach addiction center. This means that those who are interested in our Faith in Recovery services and luxury spiritual drug rehab programs can do so remotely. Patients in our telehealth Faith in Recovery programs connect with their counselors online via Zoom to go over Bible studies, recovery downfalls and achievements, relapse prevention, faith, and more. 


The spirituality component to addiction treatment can be very powerful, and we have seen success throughout our addiction treatment in Palm Beach


Contact our Palm Beach rehab today to learn more about our spiritual recovery programs and addiction treatment in South Florida. The recovery journey starts today!