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Neuro-Integration Therapy and Brain Mapping

At Seaside Palm Beach, we use only the best cutting-edge, evidence-based practices when treating individuals who struggle with a substance use disorder. Neuro-integration therapy and brain mapping are currently at the forefront of addiction treatment research and have been proven highly effective in the assessment and treatment of patients. The process and results are tangible, able to be read and deciphered by professionals on a virtual map of a person’s brain. This enables our medical doctors, psychiatrists, and clinicians to develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient at our luxury South Florida rehab.

Our neuro-integration therapy and brain mapping for addiction recovery are separate from our typical programming. In order for a patient to see optimal results from neuro-integration treatment, they will have to participate in the program for a minimum of 14 days. Patients are able to participate in this additional treatment process.

How Neuro-Integration Therapy & Brain Mapping Work

Neuro-integration therapy and brain mapping are painless, non-invasive therapies that yield results and help treating professionals to better understand the mechanisms that affect a person’s decision making and reaction process. In terms of addiction recovery, neuro-integration therapy and brain mapping address how an addicted individual’s brain processes information in a dysfunctional way.

Typically, drug and alcohol dependence block information from being transferred properly in a person’s brain, creating messages that the brain reads inaccurately. This affects emotional regulation, decision-making skills, memory, insomnia, stress levels, and the phenomenon of craving, among other crucial aspects that affect recovery.

Brain mapping is a recording of activity that analyzes brainwave frequency and bandwidth, showing electrical activity of the cerebral cortex. The process then creates a topographic color-coded map that professionals are able to use as an assessment tool throughout the course of addiction treatment. These maps show deficient and excessive brainwave activity as well as communication issues between brain sites. The mapping process is conducted on a regular basis throughout our patients’ time at our luxury residential rehab program to measure progress and is used in creating effecting treatment plans as they progress through our various programs.

Electromagnetic Pulsed Stimulation For Addiction Recovery

Electromagnetic pulsed stimulation is one of the methods utilized throughout the brain mapping process as part of a treatment plan to address the patient’s physiological issues. It is used to help the brain find balance within the areas that are either over stimulated or under stimulated based on the initial assessment. This is done by placing electrodes on the area of the head that correlates with the areas needing treatment, producing oscillating bodies that a patient’s own brain will begin to mirror. This procedure is noninvasive, painless, and has no known side effects.


The Biomat is a unique medical and therapeutic process that utilizes ionic channels and infrared technology approved by NASA. The Biomat produces deep-penetrating infrared light rays and negative ions that activate the body at the molecular level. This enables patients to fully relax. The Biomat itself holds amethyst crystals which are used to focus the Far Infrared Rays, calming and protecting the mind and nervous system. This process makes the body feel fully charged and energized. It also causes a net increase in metabolism and enables healing to occur at a more accelerated rate. This is an integral part of the neurotherapy process, and the effects can be felt in just a few sessions.

Vibroacoustic Therapy

The element of sound is equally important in the neuro-integration therapy process for addiction recovery. Through the use of sound waves, patients can calm or stimulate their minds. Vibroacoustic is utilized while a patient is using the Biomat. Patients will wear a set of headphones that emit these soundwaves. The benefits of vibroacoustic therapy include: stimulating blood circulation, reducing blood pressure, decreasing the experience of physical pain, stress reduction, decreased depression, lowered anxiety, decreased hyperactivity, development of sensory awareness, and increased relaxation.

Here at Seaside Palm Beach, we strive to offer patients the highest caliber of care through the most effectively proven techniques to treat addiction. We recognize that every patient is unique, and therefore create treatment plans that are individualized for each patient’s needs. Neuro-integration therapy and brain mapping for addiction recovery are just one of the many add on ancillary services of our luxury addiction treatment programs offered at Seaside Palm Beach, where our goal is to heal patients’ minds, bodies, and souls.

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