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Research has shown that certain professions – due to increased workplace stress, specific work cultures and traditions, and even increased access to addictive substances – are at a much higher risk of falling into drug and alcohol abuse than others. At Seaside Palm Beach we recognize that individuals in these professions have unique treatment needs that deserve to be addressed through specialized programs tailored to each of these professions. That is why we offer addiction treatment resources for professionals that are specifically designed for individuals in particularly high-risk professions for substance abuse and addiction.

Our addiction treatment for professionals includes treatment approaches developed specifically for aviation professionals, healthcare professionals, professional athletes, and first responders, among others.

While all are at high risk for substance abuse, each of these professions has its own unique set of stressors and issues related to substance abuse that need to be addressed in treatment. Many professional athletes become addicted to pain medication as a result of trying to prolong their careers. First responders and aviators are in high-pressure industries that may lead them to substances as coping mechanisms. Professionals in the healthcare industry not only face the stress of saving lives every day, but they also have unusually high access to prescription drugs, making them very easy to abuse.

Our experienced addiction treatment specialists work with members of each of these professions to curb their coping habits and address the root of their substance abuse issues. We understand that many are eager to get back to doing the work they love, so we work tirelessly to get them the treatment they need so they can continue to grow as professionals and individuals.

In addition, because many of these professions have established their own specific protocols and programs designed to ensure a safe re-entry into the profession for individuals identified as having substance abuse issues, we work with individuals to ensure their compliance with these programs as well.

This is a critical component that many non-specialized programs may overlook and an important element to consider when searching for addiction treatment resources for professionals. Contact Seaside Palm Beach today to learn more about the various addiction treatment programs we offer.

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