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Questions About Rehab Admissions at Seaside Palm Beach

If you or a loved one is about to enter into our luxury residential addiction treatment in Palm Beach, we understand that you probably have a lot of questions. Addiction is a horrible disease and the entire rehab admissions process can be overwhelming and confusing. You have no idea what to expect from an addiction rehab facility, particularly our luxury rehab center. You are probably curious about payment for rehab as well as how to even get into our treatment programs. Do not worry; you are not alone. We are here to answer all of your questions from drug rehab admissions to getting to our facility.

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Rehab Payment Information

Does your rehab accept insurance?

Our luxury addiction rehab in Palm Beach is routinely able to work with most commercial insurance policies. We are in network with a few major managed care companies, and we are certainly able to work with many out-of-network plans to improve your access to treatment. Although commercial insurance plans may cover a portion of the treatment costs of our program, there will be an additional charge for the supplemental services and amenities provided at the programs that are not considered a “covered service” by your insurance provider. You can call us today to get your free insurance verification to see if our addiction treatment center accepts your insurance.

What are your private pay rates for rehab?

Our private pay rates for rehab are calculated based upon a per diem rate and will vary depending upon length of stay and program enrollment. Please call our Admissions Department for your individualized price quote and payment options.

What forms of payment are accepted at your rehab?

Seaside Palm Beach accepts all major credit cards, certified or cashier’s checks, wire transfers, and cash. If your credit card is linked to your bank account, your bank may have a daily limit imposed. You can have this temporarily lifted by contacting your bank. If payment is by wire transfer, the funds must be received prior to admission. Funds may take several days to transfer.

Financial Assistance

Seaside Palm Beach makes every effort to ease patients’ transition into treatment. This includes easing the financial impact associated with care. We have a fully equipped admissions team and routinely work with most patients’ insurance plans. 

Our admissions experts are available around the clock to answer any questions you may have regarding the cost of treatment and the viability of your insurance plan.

American HealthCare Lending is the premier financing company in the behavioral health industry. With over $5 billion funded and over 300,000 loan inquiries serviced through their lenders, this is a name and a program you can trust. 

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive with a loan from American HealthCare Lending:

  • Immediate decisions for loans under $35,000
  • Term options out to 84 months (affordable monthly payments)
  • No collateral required
  • No prepayment penalties
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Our Drug Rehab Admissions Process

How do I get admitted into rehab?

Admission to any of our facilities can be easily arranged by contacting one of our Admissions Coordinators at (888) 997-3274

They can assist with insurance verification and payment questions. A pre-admission screening over the phone is required prior to admission to rehab. This usually takes 10-20 minutes. This pre-screening may raise issues which will require the submission of medical records prior to rehab admission. Barring special circumstances, rehab admissions can typically be arranged within the same day as your original phone call.

What airport should I fly into? Will transportation be provided from the airport to the facility?

We can provide private transportation from Palm Beach International Airport PBI (10-15 minute drive), Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport FLL (45-minute drive), and Miami International Airport MIA (75-minute drive) to our Florida resort rehab facilities. In addition, we can provide courtesy transportation for local Florida clients to the facility.

What should I bring to addiction treatment?

  • Insurance Card
  • Prescription Card
  • All medications (in original bottles)
  • Cash for your patient account
  • Cigarettes (if you smoke, bring at least a carton upon admission)
  • Casual Clothing (5 to 7 days worth)
  • Church Clothing (if applicable)
  • Gym Clothing
  • Beach Wear & Beach Towel
  • Sun Screen
  • CD/MP3 Player – Walkman Size
  • Laptop or tablet
  • School Books (if applicable)
  • Umbrella
  • Eyeglasses / Contact Lenses & appropriate accessories
For a detailed look at the luxury amenities available at Seaside Palm Beach, visit Luxury Amenities at Seaside Palm Beach.

Will my loved ones be contacted once I arrive at the rehab facility?

When you arrive at any of our facilities, a Seaside Palm Beach staff member will contact a person of your choice to let them know that you have arrived at the facility safely.

Are private rooms available?

A private room is available at an additional charge. Please inquire when you call.

Should I bring my medications to addiction treatment?

Please bring any medications you are currently prescribed in the original prescription bottle.

Health Information Privacy

Notice of Privacy Practices

Why you are receiving a notice from your doctors and health plan:

Your health care provider and health plan must give you a notice that tells you how they may use and share your health information and how you can exercise your health privacy rights. 

In most cases, you should get this notice on your first visit to a provider or in the mail from your health insurer, and you can ask for a copy at any time. 

The provider or health plan cannot use or disclose information in a way that is not consistent with their notice.

Why you are asked to “sign” a form:

The law requires your doctor, hospital, or any other health care provider you see in person to ask you to state in writing that you received the notice. Often, that means the doctor will ask you to sign a form stating that you received the notice that day.

  • The law does not require you to sign the “acknowledgment of receipt of the notice.”
  • Signing does not mean that you have agreed to any special uses or disclosures of your health records.
  • Refusing to sign the acknowledgment does not prevent the entity from using or disclosing health information as the rule permits it to do.
  • If you refuse to sign the acknowledgment, the provider must keep a record of whether they failed to obtain your acknowledgment.

What is in the Notice?

The notice must describe:

  • The ways that the Privacy Rule allows the covered entity to use and disclose protected health information. It must also explain that the entity will get your permission, or authorization, before using your health records for any other reason.
  • The covered entity’s duty is to protect health information privacy.
  • Your privacy rights, including the right to complain to HHS and to the covered entity if you believe your privacy rights have been violated.
  • How to contact the entity for more information and to make a complaint.

When and how you can receive a Notice of Privacy Practices:

  • Most covered healthcare providers must give a notice to their patients at the patient’s first service encounter (usually your first appointment). In emergency treatment situations, the provider must give the patient the notice as soon as possible after the emergency. It must also post the notice in a clear and easy-to-find location where patients are able to read it.
  • A health plan must give its notice to each new enrollee at enrollment, and send a reminder to every enrollee at least once every three years that the notice is available upon request. A health plan can give the notice to the “named insurer,” that is, the subscriber for coverage. It does not also have to give separate notices to any covered spouses and dependents.
  • A covered entity must give a copy of the notice to anyone who asks for one. If a covered entity has a web site for customers, it must post its notice in an obvious spot there.

For more information, see OCR “Notice” Guidance.

Family Addiction Education & Support Group

Heal Together as a Family

No one feels the pain, shame, and burden of drug or alcohol addiction more than an addict’s family. They’ve been first-hand witnesses to the damage addiction has caused and have seen how it has turned their loved one into someone they don’t recognize. Many may even feel bitterness and resentment toward their addicted loved one.

Just as education is a valuable tool for addicts in recovery, it’s equally valuable for their families as well. The Seaside Palm Beach therapists know that a strong and informed family unit is the most powerful ally a patient can have.

To understand the benefits of our holistic approach, read about our Holistic Addiction Treatment Programs.

Support Group for Families

We offer a support group for families of former and current patients to provide crucial information about addiction and recovery:

  • Education about addiction as a disease
  • The impact addiction has on the family
  • Each family member’s role in recovery
  • What to expect from their addicted loved one
  • What codependency is and how to identify it
  • Group meetings are free of charge and are held every Wednesday from 7:30 – 8:30 pm at our parent facility, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches.

If you’re seeking treatment for a loved one, our Family Programs and Support can offer guidance.

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