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Alumni Program at Seaside

A Warm Welcome to our Alumni

Seaside Palm Beach is dedicated to supporting each and every individual who has been through our alumni program.

Our patients’ continued recovery is very important to us. It is our goal to maintain an ongoing relationship with each of them to help ensure long-term recovery. We encourage you to let us know how you’re doing and how we can help you with your recovery by joining our alumni program today. Continuing your recovery efforts after you finish treatment is so crucial for long-term success and our alumni recovery program allows all former patients to stay on track. Seaside Palm Beach provides luxury drug rehab in South Florida and we make sure that all of our patients leave treatment with the tools needed to succeed in the real world. It can be difficult to navigate a changed lifestyle right after treatment and we are committed to helping our patients make this transition a smooth one.

The Importance of a Recovery Community

 At Seaside Palm Beach, we use several initiatives to remain in consistent contact with our former patients to make sure they’re continuing on the path of recovery. Our support helps former patients stay on the right track in recovery, avoiding temptation and staying sober. We connect individuals with important resources in the recovery community to ensure that they are constantly preserving their sobriety. Recovery is a lifelong journey that requires constant maintenance and it’s important to participate in frequent recovery meetings. We also connect former patients with other alumni members to build the support network. Having the support of other individuals who have successfully gone through treatment can go a long way and these people know exactly what you are going through during this process.

Our drug rehab in Palm Beach continues to provide support and guidance even after treatment is successfully completed. We understand that surrounding yourself with positive influences can be extremely beneficial in the early stages of recovery and our alumni program in Palm Beach is designed to help individuals stay on the right track. During addiction treatment at Seaside, we teach our patients relapse prevention tips that they can apply in an everyday setting. The danger of relapse is very real during this period, and those in recovery need as much support as they can get in order to remain clean and start building a strong foundation for the rest of their life. Our alumni recovery program provides that vital support.

Our aftercare addiction programs were designed to make sure that each former patient has the proper resources and is fully connected to the recovery community. Committing to a sober lifestyle is extremely rewarding and we strive to connect former patients with other sober individuals for guidance.

If you are struggling with substance abuse, it’s time to take control of your addiction and get the help you deserve. Contact Seaside Palm Beach today to learn more about our customized addiction treatment programs.

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