Luxury IOP Program

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are an important aspect of care for individuals seeking addiction treatment. For many people, inpatient care – whether in hospitals, clinics, rehab, or other facilities – can be difficult. These live-in treatment options often provide clients with the highest level of care, separating them from access to drugs and alcohol, others who may encourage their substance use, triggers, and more. However, for those who require in-depth care but need to honor busy schedules, our Florida intensive outpatient program may be the best choice for them.  

What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program? 

An intensive outpatient program or IOP is a form of substance abuse treatment where someone typically commits to several hours a week of programming and therapy to help them on their addiction recovery journey while still maintaining a normal routine outside of treatment. IOP is also used to address disorders like depression, eating disorders, or other dependencies that do not require detoxification or around-the-clock supervision. 

In many cases, a substance abuse intensive outpatient program is part of a continuation of addiction care. Many patients will start with our luxury medical detox and inpatient programming before transitioning to an outpatient program like an IOP. This type of program allows patients to start reintegrating themselves into their regular lives while still having support in their recovery journeys. 

In some cases, people have already detoxed from drugs and alcohol on their own but are still looking for support in their continued recovery journey. Our West Palm Beach intensive outpatient program can provide them with this added help and keep them on track. People who are placed directly in this program often have a good source of support outside of treatment as well. An IOP program is also a good choice for people looking for flexibility in their treatment, such as those who are in school or want to continue to work. 

Our Seaside IOP Addiction Treatment  

Patients that are placed in our intensive outpatient addiction treatment will participate in therapies and programming nine hours a week in a safe and comfortable environment that is our luxury drug and alcohol rehab in South Florida. These intensive outpatient services are available throughout the week, including later at night, to fit into all of our patient’s busy schedules. Patients will work with their treatment team and counselor to determine what programming would be the best fit for their recovery needs. 

Some of the addiction therapy programs offered in our Florida intensive outpatient program include: 

  • Biofeedback 
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) 
  • Expressive Arts Therapy 
  • Family Therapy for Addiction 
  • Holistic Therapies for Addiction 
  • Massages 
  • SMART Recovery 
  • & More 

Group Therapy  

In addition to these unique treatments, our intensive outpatient treatment also offers individual and group counseling. Group therapy serves as the core of our Florida intensive outpatient program, offering support for clients in various ways:  

  • Offers clients the chance to enhance their communication skills. 
  • Provides a new source for socialization. 
  • Gives access to an environment where people in similar situations provide support, comfort, and honesty. 
  • Peer support from group members who are farther along in their recovery.  
  • Access to a forum for therapists and group leaders to pass on important information, teach new skills, and guide clients.  
  • Groups can also offer a space to witness more positive behaviors associated with recovery and to practice new modes of dealing with substance use.  

Individual Therapy  

Individual therapy focuses on the pressing problems caused by clients’ substance use and their efforts to remain sober. In individual therapy sessions, clients often dig deeper into the work done in group therapy, allowing them to talk out more specific issues with our counselors.  

Each program in our luxury IOP will be led by an expert in their respective field, and groups have a small staff-to-client ratio to ensure that every patient is getting the attention they deserve. Because addiction recovery is a fluid concept, our staff checks in regularly with our patients to ensure that appropriate progress is being made and to adjust the treatment plans as necessary. 

Finding an Intensive Outpatient Program Near Me   

If you know that you or someone you care about needs help but you are not sure which level of addiction treatment is the best choice, we can help. At Seaside Palm Beach, every patient first undergoes a full clinical exam so that we gain a better understanding of the patient’s specific needs as well as the best approach to treatment for them. 

If you are looking to get sober but still want flexibility in your treatment, our intensive outpatient program could be the answer. Contact Seaside today for more information about our outpatient and residential addiction treatment in Palm Beach. 


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