Private Family Therapy

The Impact of Substance Abuse on Families

Substance abuse negatively impacts the abuser’s entire family, and treatment should include the family as well. In fact, without involving the family in treatment goals and expectations, an individual’s post-treatment recovery can be sabotaged by the re-enactment of dysfunctional family roles and behaviors that may have enabled and driven their prior substance abuse. By working with families during and after drug rehab in Palm Beach, family programs can become a supportive resource that helps keep those in recovery on a positive path. If your loved ones are participating in your recovery efforts, you will all be able to grow as a unit.

A number of recent research papers have looked at using new techniques such as family behavior therapy in treating substance abuse and mental health issues and have found that they can be very effective. Research published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse has shown that this approach is particularly helpful in the treatment of adolescents struggling with substance abuse and mental disorders such as depression and conduct disorder.

Family Addiction Programs at Seaside Palm Beach

At Seaside Palm Beach, our family programs are designed to educate the people closest to our patients about the disease of addiction and the road to recovery. We offer these programs to families of current and former patients to allow them to grow and heal together with their loved ones. It is difficult, if not impossible, for a person to recover from addiction without the help and support of their family, so we make every effort to include family members in the recovery process. If family members are aware of the symptoms and effects of substance abuse, they are more likely to help their loved ones continue on the path towards sustained sobriety.

Group family meetings, along with Family Addiction Education and Support Groups, give recovering addicts and their families a chance to repair the bonds that were damaged by addiction. Families have the opportunity to build new, positive relationships that enhance the lives of every family member. Each person can move forward stronger than ever, fostering a long-term recovery journey.

Our individual therapy sessions also enable those in recovery to explore the dysfunctional family dynamics that may underlie some of their substance abuse or mental health issues – and address these family dynamics in a new and forward-looking way.

Seaside Palm Beach prides itself in allowing the entire family to heal from addiction. Our family addiction program in South Florida provides treatment and therapy services for a wide variety of addictions. We understand the many struggles that an individual and their family members experience when addiction is present and we are here to guide the recovery journey. If your loved one is battling substance abuse, contact our luxury drug rehab in Palm Beach today. Our addiction treatment programs can help the entire family unit heal and grow together. Your loved one is not alone in this fight against addiction.