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Bipolar disorder is a mental condition that can be debilitating and overwhelming if not treated and managed properly. Also referred to as manic depressive disorder, bipolar disorder causes a person to experience sudden, powerful and unpredictable changes in mood and behavior. A person suffering from bipolar disorder will battle with extremes of emotions, ranging from exceedingly joyful and happy (manic state), to excessively down and depressed (depressive state).

Bipolar disorder is incredibly difficult to diagnose in a person and is usually not found until a person reaches their early 20’s. Many experience the symptoms of the disorder at an earlier age, but since the behavioral shifts happen in episodes, they may falsely believe that there is nothing wrong – since 90 percent of the time, there is nothing wrong.

Left untreated, bipolar disorder may lead to poor performance in school, poor job performance, ruined relationships, a fragile mental state, development of coexisting anxiety disorders, impaired judgment and decreased concentration – to name a few. The list of obstacles facing patients dealing with bipolar disorder is quite lengthy, making the need for speedy diagnosis and active management essential.

The Toxic Relationship between Mental Illness and Addiction

Experts have estimated that anywhere from 50 – 60 percent of all patients battling bipolar disorder are also suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. When a person is suffering from both addition and a mental disorder, they are said to have co-occurring disorders or a dual-diagnosis. These individuals require concurrent treatment for their mental health and to break their addictions.

Regardless of the emotional state they’re in – a person dealing with bipolar disorder is often driven to substance abuse during one of their episodes. During the lows of the disorder, depression overwhelms them, and drugs and alcohol are easy, albeit ineffective, coping mechanisms. During the highs, the extreme joy and euphoria impairs a person’s ability to make sound judgments.

Can Bipolar Disorder Be Self Treated?

Manic highs and depressed lows are only two examples of the severe mood swings that define bipolar disorder, a complicated mental health illness. It is important to stress that, although people with bipolar disorder may try different self-help techniques and coping mechanisms, professional medical supervision and intervention are usually required. Bipolar disorder can be dangerous to treat on one’s own since medication and psychotherapy are frequently required to adequately manage symptoms. Although making healthy lifestyle choices—like sticking to a regular sleep schedule, doing stress-relieving activities, and practicing mindfulness—can support formal therapy, they shouldn’t take the place of professional mental health counseling. It is crucial to seek the advice of therapists, psychiatrists, and support groups in order to guarantee a thorough and customized approach to controlling bipolar disease.

Liberation through Education

There is no cure for bipolar disorder – it’s a condition which must be monitored and treated throughout a person’s life. Seaside Palm Beach prepares its patients for this by providing education to help them recognize symptoms, employ relaxation techniques, exercise control over their mental states, identify catalysts and create better coping methods. Although there is medication available for bipolar treatment – medication alone is not enough.

While our mental health experts provide education and treatment for the disorder, our addiction therapists work with patients to break the cycle of substance abuse in their lives. In addition to our thorough detox process, patients will be entered into a course of treatment including mental therapies, counseling, activities, physical education, addiction education and much more. The combination of our addiction and mental health treatment sets up our patients for long-term success.

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