Quality of Care

Integrated Healing for Lifetime Success

Our mind-body-spirit approach to treatment helps patients achieve totality of healing. Combining safe and effective?clinical detox with cutting-edge, comprehensive rehab and aftercare, Seaside Palm Beach endeavors to treat the whole patient, not just the symptoms of their addiction or mental illness. This philosophy has helped us guide thousands of patients toward recovery and achieve some of the highest success rates in the country. Patients who come to Seaside Palm Beach to heal, receive nothing less than the highest-quality and most advanced treatment. 

In addition to addressing the physical and mental pitfalls of addiction, we also encourage spiritual healing. Seaside Palm Beach provides several options for patients looking to strengthen their spirituality or simply use it as a source of motivating strength during their recovery. Spiritual healing is an integral part of our treatment philosophy, as is the 12-step process. 

Developing a Healthy Lifestyle for the Present and Future 

 While patients come to us in need of care for drug and alcohol addiction, their substance abuse issues are usually mere symptoms of a larger underlying mental disorder. Our treatment philosophy incorporates expert clinical care, while we work to confront and address the factors that may have led to drug and alcohol abuse. Programs that merely treat the physical symptoms of addiction, and do nothing to address the origins of patients’ substance abuse, are not providing adequate relapse prevention services, and are setting patients up for failure during their recovery journey. 

Seaside Palm Beach helps patients identify, address, and manage their mental health issues, so they have a heightened chance of success upon transitioning back into their lives. We also offer a family education program to provide advice and guidance to families regarding the disease of addiction and their role in the recovery of their loved one. This is just one of the ways we help plan for our patients’ futures and set them on a path to success and sobriety. 

Expert, Individualized Treatment 

 Each one of our patients goes through a personalized care plan based upon their initial assessment and evaluation. During this phase of treatment, we establish which therapeutic modalities will be most effective in the patient’s care. Medical detox and in-depth counseling are part of each patient’s recovery plan; however, we also offer proven alternative therapies such as yoga, meditation, and EMDR ?to help patients manage stress and trauma. 

We also offer highly specialized addiction treatment programs in Palm Beach for patients in high-stress professions, such as doctors, pilots, professional athletes, and executives. By addressing the extremely high pressure of patients’ professions and helping them straighten out their careers, we give patients the tools they need to confront real-life stress without turning to drugs and alcohol. 

Our quality of care includes equipping patients with the resources they need to stay on track in their professional, personal and familial lives. When patients have a pre-determined game-plan for post-treatment recovery, they’re more likely to stay successful in the long-term. If you or your loved one is struggling with substance abuse, help is only one phone call away. Contact our drug and alcohol treatment center in Palm Beach for more information on the treatment services we offer.