About Us

Luxury and Executive Recovery Retreat

Seaside Palm Beach is an all-inclusive luxury and executive alcohol and drug rehab retreat located in Palm Beach, Florida. We combine western addiction treatment with holistic therapies and spiritual guidance to promote transformative recovery and healing. Our specially trained and highly experienced staff of experts offer integration of eastern and western practices to give our patients a comprehensive, well-rounded continuum of care found nowhere else.

Seaside Palm Beach is a subsidiary of Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, which has been successfully treating individuals with substance abuse issues and depression for over 15 years. Additionally, we are one of the few substance abuse treatment programs that has its own research and development department dedicated to continuing the active study and development of new and cutting-edge addiction treatment methods. Over the course of the past 15 years, we have become a regular contributor to the advancement of mental health treatment, assisting organizations all over the world through our research.