Luxury LGBTQ Rehab for Addiction


There are many challenges LGBTQ individuals face in their daily lives, and these stresses can increase a person’s likelihood of facing additional challenges of drug addiction and alcoholism. Addiction and alcoholism rates are higher among LGBTQ individuals, and there are many reasons for this trend. Social pressures from non-LGBTQ individuals may cause a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer individual to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs. Subculture trends of drug use may also create an atmosphere of peer pressure. At Seaside Palm Beach, we welcome all LGBTQ patients with open arms, we are here to help patients find sobriety in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Luxury LGBTQ Addiction Treatment in Palm Beach

At Seaside Palm Beach, we believe that everyone deserves safe, comfortable, and healing treatment environments. At our FARR accredited drug and alcohol treatment center, we have developed a treatment environment that gives patients a secure setting for their treatment. Our facility is expertly designed to offer patients a relaxing, spa-like setting that ushers patients into a world of tranquility where they can focus on their own healing and growth.

The facility boasts world-class amenities for all patients, executive opportunities including the ability to access laptops to continue working during treatment, and gourmet rehab meals to give patients the nutrition they need for improved health. Many patients are struggling with malnutrition or other gut-related health issues upon admission to our facility our gourmet meals allow patients to replenish their minds and bodies with crucial amino acids, vitamins, and proteins.

Additional features of our facility include a large swimming pool, daily laundry, maid services, flat-screen TVs, WiFi, and even a concierge service. Learn more about our Palm Beach luxury rehab amenities.

Palm Beach Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Transgender Patients

Our luxury facility includes housing for transgender patients that is assigned based on the individual’s presented gender. So, if you are transitioning to one gender but your state or federally issued identification does not have your desired gender marker, you will be able to stay in housing that adheres with your presented gender.

Addiction Rehab Therapies for LGBTQ Patients

Luxury amenities and gender-sensitive housing are only part of a successful treatment plan for LGBTQ individuals. Successful treatment facilities for LGBTQ patients must also offer therapies and supportive services designed to address the unique challenges LGBTQ individuals face. Our luxury LGBTQ addiction treatment program helps patients identify and treat the underlying challenges they may be facing from societal and familial pressures or difficulties that are rooted in condemnation, misunderstandings, or judgments of LGBTQ lifestyles and identities.

We want all patients who work through our LGBTQ addiction treatment program to feel secure in their identities, sobriety, and happiness. Every patient deserves health and happiness, and LGBTQ individuals should feel free and confident to live as their authentic selves. Our program is designed not only to treat addiction and alcoholism, but also to help lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer patients build the confidence they need for lasting sobriety and mental health happiness.

All patients who are willing to build a brighter tomorrow in sobriety are welcome at our program. Contact our facility today to learn more about our accepting, healing, and nurturing atmosphere of recovery. We offer a wide variety of addiction treatment programs that can help you or a loved one get sober.

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