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Luxury rehab centers provide a high-end, private environment to help executives get the help they need. Picture this: Serene ocean views and exquisite amenities. For busy professionals and executives, this level of privacy and detail affords them a deep focus on recovery without letting go of their comfort. 

Luxury rehab goes beyond treatment—It includes multi-layered therapies and activities to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

Definition of Executive Rehab

Executive rehab, also known as executive addiction treatment or executive rehab programs, is a specialized addiction treatment specifically for individuals in authoritative professional positions. Unique needs and challenges of business leaders may include a concierge service or business center on top of expert-led medical care.

Addiction Among Executives

The pressure of executive roles can appear as demanding work schedules and little time for self-care. Therefore, many executives may turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. In fact, a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) survey found that 11.4% of those in management roles reported having a substance use disorder. This suggests a connection between occupational pressure and substance abuse.

Stimulants like cocaine, Adderall, and Ritalin are commonly abused to increase energy, alertness, and focus. When taken recreationally or outside of medical supervision, addiction can quickly develop. Understandably, substance abuse can jeopardize executives’ personal and professional well-being.

Statistics and Trends

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, an estimated 19.7 million American adults battled a substance use disorder in 2017, highlighting the widespread nature of addiction. General research also suggests that upper-level professionals may be at an increased risk for developing substance abuse issues due to the unique stressors of their careers.

Understanding Executive Rehab Programs

Executive rehab programs offer a tailored approach to treatment, ensuring discretion and flexibility. At Seaside Palm Beach, one of our focuses is on restoring sobriety and the balance necessary for sustained success in your personal life and career.

Types of Executive Rehab Facilities

To better help executives achieve long-lasting sobriety, various techniques are available. These include:

Components of Seaside Executive Rehab in Palm Beach, Florida

At Seaside Palm Beach, our executive rehabilitation program favors privacy and curated care. Our approach to help you achieve sustained success includes these aspects:

We begin with a thorough evaluation to understand your unique needs, circumstances, and treatment goals.


We begin with a thorough evaluation to understand your unique needs, circumstances, and treatment goals.


Our luxury detox program is a natural first step. Along with this, we also institute a behavior modification. This removes toxins and starts the process of healing holistically. Detox occurs under medical supervision, ensuring a safe and comfortable withdrawal management experience.


Our executive rehab program in Palm Beach leverages proven therapies, like:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy
  • Psychodrama
  • Equine Therapy (you can also bring animals in during therapy)
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Nutrition Therapy


With these therapies, we aim to address the causes of addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions. Knowing this can help promote growth through structured substance and mental health treatment.

Preparing our clients for a successful transition back to their professional and personal lives is a priority. Therefore, we offer relapse prevention strategies and ongoing guidance to maintain your well-being.


Signs and Symptoms That Indicate Need for Executive Rehab

Addiction is a disease. Like any other ailment, early intervention is a huge help in a full recovery. While the signs of substance abuse can vary, there are common indicators that may suggest the need for executive rehab:

Offering treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health issues simultaneously.


  • Declining Appearance: This includes weight loss/gain, bad skin, or disinterest in your appearance.
  • Frequent Illnesses/Injuries: Addiction weakens your body, so you might catch colds or get hurt more easily. Plus, risky behavior can lead to accidents.
  • Changes in Sleep Patterns/Appetite: You might struggle to fall asleep or stay awake. Your appetite may lessen, or you could eat too much.
  • Shakiness: This could be from quitting certain drugs or being high.
  • Mood Swings: Addiction can make your emotions all over the place, from feeling super happy to depressed.
  • Increased Agitation: People with addiction might get angry easily or feel on edge all the time.
  • Anxiety/Depression: Anxiety or depression can worsen or result from addiction.
  • Concentration Struggles: Drugs and alcohol can mess with your memory and focus, making it hard to think straight.

Inviting family members to be part of the recovery, helping them understand and support their loved one.


  • Neglecting Responsibilities: You might blow off things like family dinners, work projects, or seeing friends.
  • Engaging in Risky/Illegal Activity: When addicted, people might do dangerous things to obtain substances, like driving drunk or stealing.
  • Lying/Hiding Things: To keep their addiction a secret, people might lie about where they are, their spending, or drug use.
  • Many Absences/Unexplained Disappearances: Missing work a lot, skipping appointments, or disappearing for long periods are common with addiction.
  • Decreased Productivity: You might miss deadlines, do sloppy work, or make careless mistakes.
  • Missed Deadlines: Poor time management is common with addiction.
  • Strained Work Relationships: You may become unreliable or behave unprofessionally.
  • Inability to Act Professionally: Addiction can cloud judgment and lead to bad behavior at work, like showing up drunk.

Choosing the Right Executive Rehab Program

Selecting the appropriate executive rehab program depends on you. You should evaluate each addiction treatment center with careful consideration to find one best suited to your needs.

An adaptable program, with treatment times arranged around your daily life and work.


At Seaside Palm Beach, we hold accreditations from organizations like the Joint Commission. This highlights our commitment to high-quality, proven care that meets standards of excellence. Moreover, Seaside Palm Beach is a FARR (Florida Association of Recovery Residences) accredited facility.


At Seaside Palm Beach, we aim to help our patients achieve success through proper treatment. Thanks to our dedication to this goal, we have an 84% success rate, which is significantly higher than the national average. This success includes better work lives, personal relationships, and quality of life for our clients.


Inviting family members to be part of the recovery, helping them understand and support their loved one.


Our executive rehab program offers treatment options tailored to you. The perks of this are:

  • Flexible Scheduling: At Seaside, we know work is a priority for our executive clients. Therefore, we offer adjustable daytime hours around your other needs.
  • Access to Technology: Under supervision, clients can stay connected to their work with access to computers for specified periods.
  • Peer Support: Learning from others with similar occupational backgrounds promotes a sense of safety and understanding.
  • Telehealth Options: For those in need but can’t commit to an in-facility treatment, online support is available. You’ll have sessions for three hours a day, three times a week with counselors. Therapists will check in one hour every week to track progress.



The cost of executive rehab depends on the facility, length of stay, and specific treatment requirements. We collaborate to identify coverage and create payment plans to fit your financial circumstances.


What to Expect During the Executive Rehab Program at Seaside in Florida

The executive rehab program at Seaside Palm Beach focuses on personal growth, improved work performance, enhanced quality of life, and strengthened relationships. During the journey, you can expect:

Admission Process

Before any assessment, we require an introductory call to collect preliminary information, which only takes 10-20 minutes. During this call, we gather insurance information to verify benefits, ask for patient demographics, answer any payment questions, and find out whether we need medical records beforehand.

Daily Schedule and Activities

A typical day at Seaside Palm Beach includes a balanced schedule of:

Our daily activities aim to promote physical, mental, and emotional health. To add to this, we encourage a sense of community and support.

Therapeutic Approaches Used

Our team of medical professionals uses scientifically proven approaches like EMDR and experiential therapy. We blend common practices like one-on-one talk therapy with approaches like aromatherapy to boost your overall wellness.

Duration of Treatment

The length of stay at our executive rehab program depends on progress and the treatment. Typically, detoxification lasts 5-10 days. Inpatient treatment, on the other hand, ranges from 14-45 days. Rest assured, our team adjusts your treatment time when necessary.

Success Stories and Testimonials

There’s no better source to explain how effective our executive program is than our past clients. Each client experience is unique to their circumstances, but we aim to provide equal high standards of support for all.

Testimonials From Former Clients

shawn hargus
shawn hargus
This is an excellent facility with authentic people who won't just blow smoke up your backside, I left there on not the best terms for my part but that's part of our addiction we see things and run with'm...I owe quite a few people there an apology...the logistics got messed up with me and I took it personal which is also part of addiction. But these people are solid and without them I'd likely be dead...hindsight. I highly recommend this facility if you're trying to get right. Plus the food is phenomenal! I dunno how they get their steaks so tender and still juicy, 5 stars to the Chef.
Rebekah Bayless
Rebekah Bayless
Seaside was exactly what I needed. From the moment I walked in the door to the day I left everyone was friendly and helpful. Not knowing what to expect and what all I need was scary. It didn't take long for that feeling to go away. When leaving, I knew I had a family and close friend that I will never forget, they provide me with knowledge and tools, I will forever use, and know I have ones I can contact at any moment.
Wendy Pike
Wendy Pike
If you need treatment this is the best!! Staff is exceptional!
Mike Carr
Mike Carr
Friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff. Safe and clean facility. Great food, amenities and activities. Qualified doctors, nurses and therapists. 5-star treatment.
rachelle Scribner
rachelle Scribner
I absolutely loved this program. The food is amazing. The staff is great. Very clean.
Miguel Brito
Miguel Brito
568 days into sobriety, I remain so grateful for my days at Seaside. They have changed my life dramatically and secured my commitment to all those who seek a similar path. While I remained skeptical for the first few days, the warmth and expertise of the clinical staff and the innate goodness I witnessed in my group, the experience became entirely transformative. I remain friends with several of the group and circle back with the weekly zoom meetings to rejoice in the strength and faith which originated at this great facility.
Alex Walls
Alex Walls
Seaside is by far provides the best therapy, supportive and pro-active staff. The food is also phenomenal! Hands down the best facility in Florida!
Frances Robles
Frances Robles
They saved my life Loving, caring staff, Classy accommodations I hope I never need to return, but if I have to return, I will gladly return to Seaside
Keith Coleman
Keith Coleman
As a former therapist for Seaside Palm Beach, I had the opportunity to be a part of an amazing team that truly cared and helped client's create uncanny change in their lives. Having over a decade of experience in the field, I have had the ability to see different programs and I have never seen the levels of success prior to my employment at Seaside elsewhere. I would highly recommend Seaside for anyone in need, looking to not only treat alcoholism or addiction, but also to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.
Spring Causey
Spring Causey
Seaside shattered my preconceived expectations and redefined what addiction treatment could be. This small, friendly, luxurious rehab center is set apart by its unwavering commitment to personalization, comfort, and an all-encompassing program. I am immensely grateful for the more than attentive staff for providing me a transformative experience that has allowed me to reclaim my life. I wholeheartedly recommend this rehab center to anyone seeking a recovery journey that is both effective and indulgent. I will forever call them part of my family.

Recuperate With Seaside Palm Beach’s Executive Addiction Treatment

Seeking help with addiction is a courageous step toward taking back your life and lasting sobriety. At Seaside Palm Beach, we ensure discreet care for top-level professionals with substance abuse struggles. Your care provides maximum comfort, from gourmet food to private rooms.

Most importantly, we ensure a healthy detox, tailored treatment, and an all-inclusive look at therapies to help you heal. So, why not reach out? Our accredited and gentle team can help guide you to a healthier future.


IOP stands for Intensive Outpatient Program, a type of treatment where you receive help while living at home.


Our executive rehab program aims to help high-powered professionals, executives, and business leaders with substance abuse issues.

Recovery doesn’t end once executive rehab does. We navigate you through a detailed aftercare plan. This involves relapse prevention techniques, resources, and continued counseling support.

The stages include initial use, regular use, risky use/abuse, and dependence or addiction.

Executive rehab durations aren’t always the same. Detoxification typically lasts 5-10 days, while residential treatment can take 14-45 days. A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is only considered after the completion of inpatient treatment and usually is 5-6 hours every 5-7 days per week

It’s best to be patient, understanding, and non-judgmental. At Seaside, we offer family therapy to help you and your loved one rebuild the damage addiction might have caused to your relationship. This involves education on addiction and the recovery process so you can better encourage your loved one.

Begin the Healing Process at Seaside Palm Beach, Florida

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