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At Seaside Palm Beach, our unmatched quality of care and dedication to our patients can be felt in every aspect of our treatment, from industry-leading doctors and a highly regarded research department, to our safe, luxurious, resort-like accommodations, and finally our innovative, cutting-edge and highly successful addiction treatment programs in Palm Beach. We offer first-class, individualized care to patients suffering from the widest possible range of addictions and mental health disorders, and have built a reputation as a leader and innovator within the field of mental health. We work hard to fulfill our patients’ expectations of luxury, discretion and quality care.  

Expert Care iSerene and Luxurious Atmosphere 

Seaside Palm Beach understands that our patients are used to a certain lifestyle, and we make every effort to offer the comforts and amenities of a home environment while providing the best treatment available. We administer a complete continuum of care, rarely found in conventional addiction treatment. Our ground-breaking and comprehensive approach has produced industry-leading success rates, and helped patients to develop superior relapse prevention skills. You don’t have to sacrifice your standard of living simply because you made the courageous choice to get help for your substance abuse problem. Seaside Palm Beach provides safe, compassionate and expert clinical treatment, while keeping patients of means in the lifestyle to which they’re accustomed. 

World-Class Physicians and Specialists 

The clinical staff at Seaside Palm Beach possesses decades of experience and a deep commitment to our patients’ recovery. Many of our doctors and mental health professionals are leaders in their fields, and have had a direct part in developing the most modern and cutting-edge treatment modalities. Additionally, we offer our very own research department whose findings have heavily influenced the development and continued innovation of our treatment programs. The advice and assistance from our research department has been sought by addiction care organizations all over the world. Although we strive to provide patients with first-class amenities and an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere during their stay, our brilliant and dedicated doctors and support staff are what truly set us apart from other “luxury” treatment facilities. 

Safe and Compassionate Medical Detoxification 

There’s no question that detox is one of the most difficult and exhausting parts of the recovery process – both physically and emotionally. Seaside Palm Beach strives to make this stage of treatment as comfortable as possible by helping to mitigate withdrawal. Each patient’s treatment starts with a sensitive and comfort-focused course of detox. The process is administered in a safe, sterile, and supportive environment by expert doctors and nurses who are trained to handle withdrawal and medical emergencies. We also offer medication-assisted detox and alternative healing therapies to handle any lingering physical discomfort. Detox is a delicate and highly sensitive process and should only be attempted by professionals. For patients’ convenience and comfort, we offer detox and rehab at the same location. 

Executive Treatment Options 

We are mindful that our patients’ substance abuse impacts every area of their lives, including their careers. This is why we offer an executive treatment program that allows patients to keep working and remain a relevant part of their organization while in treatment. Many of our patients bare great professional responsibility and have numerous employees depending on them. Our executive treatment program facilitates continued communication with colleagues, during designated times, and enables patients to transition back into their careers without the added burden of professional set-backs or having to repair the successful careers they have spent years building. 

An Established and Fully Licensed Facility 

Seaside Palm Beach is licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families and accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). This distinction signifies a deep commitment to quality of care and positive patient outcomes. Our addiction treatment programs in Palm Beach offer the best care possible for our patients.  

Closely-Knit Alumni Community 

Our relationships with our patients do not end once they leave residential treatment. Seaside Palm Beach has established an alumni program to help patients give and receive continued support to one another while working to maintain their recovery. The alumni program frequently hosts events, during which patients can reconnect with one another and share their success stories. Besides being a great way to maintain the relationships developed in treatment, the alumni program is a valuable source of support to patients during their more vulnerable periods.


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