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Sex Addiction Treatment

Addiction comes in many forms. It is a disease that is accompanied by changes in brain chemistry that make it hard to stop. Along with a physical dependence, addictions can cause problems that affect other areas of a person’s life. Although seemingly bizarre, sex addiction is a very real problem for some people and often formal sex addiction treatment in the only way to see notable improvements.

The Problem with Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is often rooted in mental health problems and can be more destructive than many people imagine. It not only leads to risky behaviors, but also it can have negative implications on several aspects of a person’s life. Unprotected sex can lead to unwanted pregnancies as well as STIs that can result in serious health problems. A sex addiction can also be detrimental to a person’s romantic relationship whether or not infidelity is involved. Along with romantic relationships, other relationships can also suffer. For many sex addicts, these issues can lead to poor mental health overall and even substance abuse, both of which are often followed by even more negative consequences.

There is no magic sex addiction cure, but there are several sex addiction treatment methods that can be effective.

Substance Abuse & Sex Addiction Treatment

Like other mental health issues, sex addiction is often accompanied or intertwined with substance abuse problems. When this occurs, sex addiction treatment alone is no longer sufficient. At our luxury dual diagnosis rehab, we help patients battle their substance abuse problems while they also addressing their sex addiction.

Through a combination of proven medical practices and holistic approaches to treatment, patients will get a comprehensive look at both their substance abuse problem and their problems with sex. Private sessions with an experienced therapist will allow patients to explore the root causes of their addictions. Group therapy also gives patients the opportunity to connect and find support with people experiencing similar adversities. Along with therapy, we offer programs like EMDR, the 12 Steps, SMART recovery, biofeedback, reiki, and much more.

Our Luxury Sex Addiction Treatment Center

For anyone who is high-profile or who frequently deals with the press, the last thing you may want is word of your substance abuse or sex addiction treatment to get out. As a luxury Florida rehab, we understand your concerns. We frequently work with people in these positions and take extra measures to ensure the privacy and comfort of our patients.

If you are flying into the West Palm airport, we can arrange to have you discretely chauffeured to our facility to begin your luxury residential addiction treatment program. During their time with us, patients will not only be exposed to numerous helpful treatment therapies and programming meant to help them move in the right direction, but they will also have access to our various luxury rehab amenities meant to match their standard of living. Not to mention, our discrete and beautiful location creates the perfect environment to battle your demons in private. We even allow pets so that your best friend can help with this journey.

There is no need to wait any longer. If you are ready to begin your journey to recovery, contact us today at Seaside Palm Beach. Call today: (888) 997-3274.

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