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Seaside Palm Beach offers a full suite of luxury addiction treatment programs for patients who are in need of help for addiction, but are used to a high standard of living. Luxury addiction treatment doesn’t only mean a comfortable residential experience with all the amenities for which one could wish; it also means that patients have access to the best and most advanced clinical treatment available. This includes the first-class physicians and mental health professionals, committed and qualified nurses, a service-oriented support staff, and a variety of proven and modern treatment therapies.

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Studies have shown that, among the large numbers of people in the US with substance abuse issues, only a relatively small percentage seek treatment in a residential facility. For many this reluctance may be due to the misconception that all substance abuse treatment facilities are cold, clinical, and potentially dangerous places more akin to a prison than a luxury spa. This is unfortunate, because the number of individuals with untreated substance abuse issues is quite staggering in the US.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 22.5 million people aged 12 or older are dependent upon or abusing substances, but only 4.3 million of these people received treatment for alcohol or illicit drug use in the past year. This means that 4 out of 5 substance abusers in need of treatment will not receive it, putting themselves and their friends and family at great risk.


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Some of the individuals with untreated substance abuse may think that their experiences are unique and somehow will not respond to what they see as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to rehab. That’s why the specialized programs at a luxury facility like Seaside Palm Beach are so important.

The Seaside Palm Beach staff has the time and the resources to treat each of their clients as unique individuals and tailor treatment to their specific needs. This personalized approach enables treatment to be targeted to what you need most, while also providing you with the level of service and amenities you would find at a top resort or vacation destination. Our clients need never fear that we will force them into standardized “system” – we will always listen to their unique stories and fashion a treatment experience that treats them with the respect they deserve.


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Another benefit of the luxury atmosphere at Seaside Palm Beach is that it enables individuals to extend their stay in treatment for as long as necessary by allowing clients to stay in touch with the outside world. Executives and other professionals don’t need to completely “cut the cord” with their professional responsibilities to get the treatment they need at Seaside Palm Beach, allowing them to manage their business responsibilities while addressing their substance abuse issues.

This approach sets them up for long-term success both personally and professionally.



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The ability to stay in treatment longer without damaging their professional relationships is particularly important. Many studies have shown that longer term stays in treatment are much more effective than short-term ones. In fact, the US National Institute on Drug Abuse states that outcomes for treatment programs are much more successful when an individual participates for 90 days or more.

Clearly, most successful individuals would have a hard time cutting themselves off completely from their professional relationships for this period of time, making Seaside Palm Beach’s policies particularly helpful for keeping professionals connected to the outside world while receiving the treatment they need.

Our luxury addiction treatment programs were developed based on the belief that patients making the critical and courageous decision to get help for their drug and alcohol addiction should not be punished with sub-standard treatment and lackluster accommodations. The selection of a treatment facility is one of the most important decisions a patient or their loved ones will ever make. Seaside Palm Beach helps remove the apprehension and guess-work from the selection process by offering patients the best of everything.


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