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Cutting-Edge, All-Inclusive EDCD Treatment

Seaside Palm Beach’s eating disorder and substance abuse treatment services address the link that exists between patients’ eating disorders and addictions. A common trigger in the development of drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders are commonly symptomatic of underlying conditions, such as by body dysmorphic disorder (dramatic distortion or obsession with body image) or weight- or food-related trauma. The Eating Disorder and Chemical Dependency Treatment Program at Seaside Palm Beach uses a holistic approach built on the 12-step treatment model. Numerous studies have demonstrated the 12-step model’s effectiveness for individuals suffering from dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders.

Our program helps patients navigate the complex and delicate nature of their co-occurring eating disorder and substance abuse to identify their relationship, uncover their root causes and develop healthy and growth-oriented management techniques. Stress (both internal and external) is one of the most common triggers of eating disorder. This does not necessarily have to be related to an individual’s relationship with food; over- or under-eating is a common physiological response to all types of stress. This behavior becomes increasingly dangerous once patients use food, drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism to relieve stress or anxiety.

Combing Proven Methodology with Innovative, Specialized Therapies

The Seaside Palm Beach eating disorder and substance abuse treatment program utilizes a blend of traditional and experiential therapies to give patients a well-rounded, all-inclusive healing experience. In addition to in-depth group and individual counseling, we offer a full menu of alternative therapies, including massage, EMDR and expressive arts therapy, all of which have positive effects on self-awareness and self-regulation. The goal is to have the individual become more aware of their internal self while simultaneously learning the behavioral tools that are integral to communication and personal growth.

This treatment process incorporates psycho-educational training, which includes educating the individual about the illness and making them consciously aware of it. Additionally, focus will be placed on a healthy diet and managing the patient’s fears and emotions about food and eating in general.

Integrating Fitness and Balanced Physical Health into Recovery

Because medical research has proven that exercise is an integral part of any healthy lifestyle, Seaside Palm Beach uses a medically supervised physical wellness program as part of our treatment for eating disorders when combined with substance abuse. Recent studies have illustrated the positive correlation between long-term success in eating disorder and substance abuse treatment and exercise.

Qualified and Dedicated Treatment Specialists

Seaside Palm Beach offers a staff of renowned eating disorder and substance abuse treatment experts who have the capacity to work within, and when necessary, go beyond the 12-step model to both support joint symptom management and deeper core-issue resolution to help patients end the cycle of stress-induced relapse. Our program focuses on trauma resolution, grief work, and self-esteem repair, while providing round-the-clock staffing to help patients develop and maintain healthier eating habits. This work, in conjunction with a sober and responsible commitment to recovery from their substance abuse, can empower people to move forward in their lives with confidence and hope.

Contact the professionals at Seaside Palm Beach to stop the self-destructive cycle of EDCD and give yourself a chance at happiness and lasting wellness.


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