Treatment for Gambling Addiction

Comprehensive Care for Gambling Addiction

As gambling establishments become more prevalent, there are an increasing number of people who become addicted to gambling. Estimates range that 3-6% of those who gamble will develop a significant gambling problem.  Most who gamble can do so responsibly, others find the urge to gamble uncontrollable.  Some gamblers may find themselves lying about their gambling, borrowing money to gamble, using money meant for bills to gamble, betting more than they planned to and returning to gamble after losing in a futile attempt to win it back.

The American Psychiatric Association and the American Medical Association recognize pathological (or “compulsive”) gambling as a diagnosable mental disorder.

Consequences of Gambling Addiction

The collateral damage from those who have an addiction to gambling is wide spread and devastating.  Problem gamblers may withdrawal money from their retirement funds to support their use, take second mortgages out, borrow from family and friends, or run up credit card debt to support their gambling.

Problem gamblers are 5x’s more likely to attempt suicide than those afflicted with other addictions.  Pathological gamblers often resort to desperate measures as their addiction progresses.  In advanced stages of their addiction they may suffer legal consequences, lose jobs, lose friendships/relationships, file bankruptcy and even contemplate suicide.

Problem Gambling Treatment at Seaside Palm Beach

Seaside Palm Beach provides compassionate and effective treatment for gambling addiction. We understand the widespread damage caused by compulsive gambling and are here to help.

Our pathological gambling program guides patients to identify and utilize the necessary tools for treating this potentially fatal addiction.  Our combination of intensive individual and group therapy while living in a structured environment facilitates the therapeutic process by identifying and healing the underlying emotional issues which drive the compulsive gambling behavior.  We provide individualized treatment planning to begin the healing process and learn to cope with life stressors in healthy and productive ways.

Recovering from a gambling addiction is necessary, achievable and crucial to living a healthy life. We provide a variety of therapeutic modalities designed specifically for healing the inner wounds that drive pathological gambling. Pathological gamblers will attend daily groups and individual therapy sessions with our Internationally Certified pathological Gambling therapists.  Patients will also attend Gamblers Anonymous meetings and begin building the necessary supports to recover from the disease of pathological gambling.  Our treatment puts patients on track to regaining control of their life, free from the obsession and unmanageability of pathological gambling.