12-Step Program in Florida

A 12-Step Program is an approach to treating alcoholism that was first introduced by Alcoholics Anonymous in their book The Big Book, otherwise known as Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism.1 The 12-Step Program has since become the foundation of substance abuse treatment for many individuals. At our luxury drug and alcohol rehab in South Florida, we understand the importance of utilizing structured yet adaptable methods when addressing substance abuse. That’s why we’re proud to offer a 12-Step Program for addiction treatment in Palm Beach.

The 12-Step Model of Addiction Treatment

The Big Book pioneered a new approach to alcoholism treatment. The 12-Step model incorporates the patient in their recovery and helps them recognize their part in this process. While The Big Book earned its name for its immense size, the information on its pages was most impactful. Since the first publication of the 12-Step Program book, 12-Step programs for addiction recovery have become more common in treatment regimens and effective in helping people overcome their substance abuse disorders. While the 12 Steps was originally intended for treating alcoholism, it has since been expanded to help people who are also suffering from drug addictions, sex addiction, and even food addiction, amongst others.

How Do 12-Step Programs Work?

The goal of the 12-Step model of treatment is to help alcoholics and drug addicts recognize the severity of their conditions, connect to a higher power, develop self-awareness, and achieve sobriety.

Patients in our 12-Step Program at Seaside Palm Beach will be given the tools and guidance necessary to accomplish goals like:

  • Recognize the reality of their drug or alcohol use disorder.
  • Grow in self-awareness to identify opportunities for growth.
  • Make amends with those whom they have harmed through their drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Identify opportunities to correct any wrongs they had a hand in during active addiction.
  • Assist others in their recovery journey.

Each step within the 12-Step model of substance abuse treatment builds off of the previous one, so it’s crucial to work through every step with equal effort and proper guidance. In our 12-Step Program in Palm Beach, we offer patients the guidance and support they need to discover their strengths and role in their recovery journey. When it comes to addiction treatment programs, you can never be too thorough. A big part of our 12-Step model focuses on developing self-awareness and identifying the self-work needed to make it through each phase of this treatment. While completing the 12-Step Program can be challenging, the right support and guidance make it possible. A 12-Step Program for addiction recovery helps patients identify their shortcomings, their potential, and their strength in their journey to sobriety.

How Long Is a 12-Step Program?

The length of a 12-step program might change based on the requirements, dedication, and advancement of the individual. A 12-step program is often created as a lifelong path of healing and personal development. It is a thorough method of managing addiction or other behavioral difficulties rather than a quick fix.

The first stage of this program often entails working through the 12 steps, which can be done at one’s own pace. Depending on the person’s level of engagement and the depth of their personal concerns, this period could span anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. After following these steps, people are urged to continue attending support group sessions regularly, even after reaching their initial objectives.

Although there is no defined length for the entire program, it is advised that participants stay actively involved for a considerable amount of time. For many people, continual program participation is beneficial for preserving their sobriety, developing a solid network of supporters, and continuing their personal development. The length of a 12-step program ultimately depends on how committed the participant is to their recovery and their continued quest for personal growth.

Additional Rehab Programs at Seaside Palm Beach

Alongside our 12-Step Program, we also offer a variety of other therapies and programs to help address the underlying aspects of addiction. Most patients will begin their addiction treatment by first completing our luxury detox program. Most individuals who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop using these substances. These symptoms can be dangerous without medical attention. In our detox program, we provide patients with 24-hour supervision and medical staff that’s there to administer medications and any other form of treatment as needed.

After completing detox at our high-end rehab, patients may then move onto one of our levels of care, such as our residential program, PHP, or IOP. These rehab treatments incorporate programs like our 12-Step Program to help patients identify and overcome the source of their addiction and overcome it.

Because negative thoughts and emotions often contribute to substance abuse, we also offer a variety of other therapies at our luxury rehab, including:

At our drug and alcohol rehab in South Florida, we know that 12-Step treatment centers are one of the many settings of addiction recovery that can help patients achieve long-lasting sobriety. While the 12 Steps are vital to the foundation of recovery, additional support is often needed to address the underlying mental and emotional facets of substance abuse.

At Seaside Palm Beach, we’re guiding our patients through every step of their recovery during their time with us and beyond. Contact us today to get started on your recovery or to help someone get started on theirs.


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