Private Drug Intervention Programs

Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a tragedy or catastrophic event for friends and family members of a drug addict to take action. By that time, the addict’s health could be in jeopardy, they may be in dire financial straits, they could be facing jail time, or worse. Ignoring the situation or hoping things will turn out for the best will not help your loved one. Even if you have tried to step in to help, the addict may be resistant.  The best way to help your addicted loved one realize the destruction they have caused and to see their problem for what it is may be by staging a drug intervention.

The Importance of Professional Alcohol & Drug Intervention Services

Instead of waiting for a disaster or for your loved one to hit rock bottom, an alcohol or drug abuse intervention allows family members and friends to step in.

When a friend, coworker or family member is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, it takes incredible strength to confront that person about their addiction issues. Unfortunately, because there may be broken trust, hurt feelings, and strained relationships, emotions may be running high during a drug intervention. Without a professional alcohol or drug intervention specialist to guide the group through the process, the environment may become hostile and unproductive. The addict may walk away feeling judged and defensive while the loved ones leave feeling frustrated and hopeless. The process may also alienate the addict even further from their friends and family whose support they desperately need. Overall, an intervention without a drug or alcohol intervention specialist is mostly unsuccessful and may make problems even worse.

Family Healing with Alcohol & Drug Intervention Programs

Along with helping the addict face reality, alcohol and drug intervention programs are meant to help the loved ones as well. Substance abuse problems not only affect the addict but can also have a large impact of those family members and friends closest to the addict. While the goal of a substance abuse intervention may be to get your loved one into  standard or luxury rehab, alcohol and drug intervention programs are designed with the loved ones in mind as well.

With the help of professional addiction intervention specialists, an intervention can also be cathartic for the loved ones and be the first step toward family healing. An intervention provides, family members the opportunity to voice their concerns and finally feel heard.

Alcohol and drug abuse interventions can be particularly important for families with codependency issues. Often, codependent relationships not only enable the addict’s addiction but also create toxic relationships within the family unit. Drug and alcohol intervention programs can help each family recognize the role they play and how their behavior could be enabling their loved one’s addiction. This clarity that the intervention provides is the first step in breaking this destructive cycle of behavior. For those families with complex issues, there are family programs for addiction that help families heal together during the addict’s recovery journey.


Professional Alcohol and Drug Intervention Specialists in Palm Beach

At Seaside Palm Beach, we offer intervention drug treatment services that not only work to open the eyes of the addicted individual, but that are also designed to help their loved ones heal.

Many unsupervised drug abuse and alcohol interventions fail before they even get started and may make matters even worse. The best way to ensure that the first attempt is a success is by getting professional guidance. Our addiction intervention specialists have overseen several successful interventions and are trained to handle these difficult and often uncomfortable situations.

A successful alcohol and drug intervention program has many moving parts and involves a lot more than just a supervised group gathering. At Seaside Palm Beach, our luxury alcohol and drug intervention programs include:

  • Initial planning including choosing a time and place for the intervention
  • Determining which friends and family members should be present
  • A pre-intervention meeting to instruct loved ones on proper behavior and order of events
  • Helping participants with what to say and how to say it in order to see the best results
  • Creating a plan of immediate action for both the family and the addict
  • Coordinating immediate entry into our luxury residential rehab

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Interventions Can Save Lives

The sad truth is that most drug addicts will likely not seek help on their own. Many live under the false assumption that they don’t have an addiction problem and that their substance abuse isn’t hurting anyone else. Professional intervention services can help family members get through to their loved ones so that the recovery journey can begin.

From the initial planning to the actual execution of the intervention itself, our substance abuse interventionists can not only give you the greatest chance of getting your loved one the help they need but can also help your family take the first step to heal.