It is vital to bring awareness to all mental illnesses globally, but we need to focus on ridding the stigma of bipolar disorder from people’s minds. World Bipolar Day is an initiative by the International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD), partnered with the International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) and the Asian Network of Bipolar Disorders (ANBD).1 The disorder dates back from ancient Greece, so it is not a newly discovered mental illness in any manner.

The modern definition of bipolar disorder occurred in the 19th century. It was once named to have the meaning “dual-form insanity.” The international day was proposed to establish an impactful bipolar awareness day or month so people can stop excusing extreme mood swings or disruptive behavior. The day is meant to acknowledge how difficult it may be for someone living with the disorder and for their friends and family. A timely diagnosis is crucial, and many people do not realize that they may be struggling because of this disorder. So, these are some great reasons why World Bipolar Day is essential!

How a Person With Bipolar Thinks

Firstly, there are different types or levels of bipolar. However, the overall thought patterns are similar. Typically, an individual will experience rational thoughts that lead to productivity and a happy attitude toward work or life. Then, suddenly, a person will begin to dramatically fall from the previous positive thought process into a bitter or more resentful way of thinking, resulting in a depressive mood. The pattern of thought can carry on throughout the entire day.

Some facts about bipolar disorder include manic episodes, which have various symptoms like feelings of overconfidence, being impulsive, or taking unusual risks. In addition, people can experience mixed episodes of mania, high energy, and elation feelings while also enduring the battle against depression. Also, there is no single cause of bipolar disorder, although genetics, brain structure and functioning, and family history seem to be the root of the cause.

Borderline Personality Disorder VS. Bipolar

A common question asked is the differences between borderline personality disorder (BPD) and bipolar disorder. The main difference between the two disorders is that BPD is formulated from past trauma experiences and brain chemistry or how the brain processed these traumas. Genetics and chemical imbalances are linked to those with bipolar disorder. Treatment is also different since individuals who are bipolar need psychotherapy and medication, unlike the cognitive behavior therapy that is applied for those with BPD.

Celebrities with Bipolar

World Bipolar Day highlights famous people with bipolar disorder since these popular names and faces are considered role models to multiple generations. For example, did you know that Mariah Carey, one of the most prominent songwriters and singers of the 21st century, denied the reality of her disorder for years before finally allowing the truth to surface? Mel Gibson, Amy Whinehouse, and even the great Frank Sinatra battled with the condition. Kayne West is a famous modern artist who lives with the disorder but continues to show strength and perseverance despite the pressure of mental illness and fame.

For some of these artists, they hid the personality of bipolar disorder well enough where it could stay out of the headlines for an extended period, but eventually, the truth did come out. Many past and previous stars agree that bipolar awareness is essential and can only help others who live with it or do not know they are experiencing it. Bipolar Awareness Day grants reasons to eliminate the stigma the mental illness has carried and push forward with research, encouraging therapy for those who need assistance managing the disorder.

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