Does Meth Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Does Meth Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Does Meth Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Methamphetamine is a powerful stimulant drug that’s illegally manufactured and sold for recreational use. Like other stimulants, meth is addictive because it activates the release of chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine to excite the central nervous system and produce a euphoric high. Meth can have a variety of negative side effects, including impotence. Despite the many claims that crystal meth and sex are a great combo, our luxury rehab in Florida begs to differ. Many want to know: does meth cause erectile dysfunction?


Short-Term Sexual Meth Side Effects in Men

Also referred to as ice, speed, or meth, methamphetamine is a potent form of amphetamine that can be smoked, injected, or ingested to experience a euphoric and energy-boosting high. Many believe that in addition to increasing alertness and energy, meth can also enhance your sex drive and improve sexual performance. But that’s not true, at least not in the long run. A common belief regarding meth and sex is that the drug enhances sexual experiences by increasing sexual libido (drive), duration of sex, control over the act, and the effects of orgasm. In the short term, meth can increase sex drive by increasing sexual desire, reducing behavioral inhibition (impairing judgment), increasing the duration of erections, and reducing the refractory period (period in which a person isn’t responsive following an orgasm). But this is only temporary.


So how does meth affect sexual performance in the long run? Because meth is addictive, frequent use often leads to addiction. When a person is addicted to a drug, they’re unable to control their use of it, otherwise making it difficult to quit. Enhanced sexual drive and performance are a few of the several side effects of meth on males that reinforce continuous use. However, any enhancement of sexual performance that meth offers is only temporary and can do the opposite down the road.


Additionally, meth should never be used to enhance sexual performance or for any other reason. This drug is dangerous, addictive, and deadly. Not only can it affect your sex life, but it can also contribute to mental illness and cause other problems like cardiovascular disease, skin disease, and overdose. If you’re struggling with meth addiction, our luxury detox program at Seaside Palm Beach can help you slowly wean off of it and move forward in recovery.


Does Crystal Meth Cause Impotence?

Okay, now let’s talk about speed and erectile dysfunction. The burning question is: can meth cause erectile dysfunction? Yes, it definitely can. While meth may enhance sexual intercourse and activities at the beginning of use, over time, these side effects eventually dissipate. Many meth users find that after a few months of meth use, the drug’s ability to increase sexual drive, orgasms, and performance time dissipates. Additionally, crystal meth use can also cause erectile dysfunction (impotence), which is referred to as the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex.


To understand how meth causes erectile dysfunction, we have to know how an erection works. An erection starts in the brain. A person’s thoughts and the things they smell, hear, taste, or touch can trigger nerves to send chemical messages to the blood vessels in their penis. The arteries in this area then relax, opening up blood flow. At the same time, the veins close up, trapping the blood and creating an erection. Because this starts with the brain, using a drug that affects brain function, chemical balance, and nerve signaling can make getting and holding an erection more difficult. Sex isn’t just physical, it’s also emotional and behavioral. When a person uses a drug like meth, which can impair judgment and cause addiction, sexual intercourse can eventually be difficult.


In addition to impotence, other meth side effects on males are linked to relationship problems. Meth can also affect your sex life by impacting your relationships. Not only as a result of impotence but also from the other adverse, physical side effects of methamphetamine, such as skin sores and tooth decay (meth mouth). These physical changes can make it more difficult to find a willing partner. They can also damage your self-esteem and further erode the quality of your sex life.


Without the help of a drug treatment program, methamphetamine abuse can impact every area of your life. Fortunately, meth addiction is a treatable disease. Our luxury drug rehab can help you overcome addiction and have the life you want. Call us now at 561-677-9374 to learn more about luxury meth treatment.



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