Why Luxury Rehab is Better

luxury rehab is better

For those people who are used to a higher standard of living, most rehab facilities can seem like a depressing and second-rate way to approach addiction treatment.

Not only are you trying to overcome your addiction, which can be a physical, mental, and spiritual struggle, but also, you are doing so in an environment that can be drastically different and uncomfortable compared to what you are used to. Because of the many benefits of luxury residential rehab, fortunately, this doesn’t always have to be the case.

The Benefits of Luxury Rehab

At Seaside Palm Beach, we understand that certain people are accustomed to a greater standard of living, so this is where luxury rehabs come in.

One of the many benefits of luxury rehab includes access to various amenities. While we are not suggesting that other addiction treatment centers are only a maze of gray-walled rooms, they probably are not offering the same kind of perks that you will get at a luxury facility. Our West Palm Beach rehab in particular offers patients access to dry cleaning and laundry services, maid services, a concierge, and even a pool.

You have probably also acquired a taste for finer food. When you are used to going to the best restaurants or even having a personal chef, traditional rehab food can be a letdown. One of the benefits of luxury rehab is that the meals are held to a higher standard as well. Not only will the focus be on good nutrition to help your body with the recovery process, but the meals the chefs prepare will also be gourmet to satisfy your sophisticated palate.

If you are attending a luxury treatment center, chances are you may be in the spotlight and looking for a little more privacy than the average Joe. Luxury rehab benefits usually include an added layer of privacy. At our luxury treatment center in Palm Beach, we will even pick you up at the airport in a discrete vehicle.

Many people are also concerned with their ability to work during rehab. If you are a CEO or integral member of a business, stepping away from your job is not a realistic option. While many places require you to “unplug,” some luxury rehabs like ours have an executive treatment program that allow you to still work while in recovery. Patients will have access to Wi-Fi and a fully equipped business center.

As part of our holistic addiction treatment in South Florida, we allow our patients to bring their own pets to rehab. Many rehab facilities will have therapy animals visit on occasion, but there is something more comforting about having your own pup by your side during this difficult time.

If you are looking for a luxury drug and alcohol rehab in South Florida, call us today at 561-677-9374. We will answer all of your questions and help point you in the right direction.

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