The Benefits of Reiki for Addiction Recovery

The Benefits of Reiki

The Benefits of Reiki for Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a devastating disease that can ultimately damage a person’s mind, body, and soul.


For people to find lasting sobriety, they need to address all these aspects in their recovery journey. An effective standard or luxury residential treatment program will expose patients to therapies and programs that promote this type of comprehensive healing. This complete recovery extends beyond traditional evidence-based practices and incorporates alternative therapies as well such as reiki therapy.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an alternative therapy that involves energy healing. It is believed to originate from Japan and has now taken on several different forms. The goal of reiki therapy is to promote healing and improve overall well-being. During a reiki therapy session, the practitioner will move their hands directly on or over the body to transmit universal life energy and stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. This practice helps the patient reach a relaxed state and ease other symptoms of distress.

Reiki Benefits for Addiction

Reiki therapy can be used to help with a variety of ailments including chronic pain, heart disease, anxiety, depression, and neurodegenerative diseases. Because of its widespread ability to heal, some people will use reiki in rehab. Because addiction is a disease that often leads to a variety of other secondary problems, there are several benefits of reiki for addiction.

Reduce Pain

For those in a detox program who are going through withdrawal or who were formerly abusing opioids for chronic pain, trying to manage this pain can be a challenge. One of the benefits of reiki therapy for addiction is that it can help with this pain. Several studies suggest that reiki can be effective for treating pain in various populations.1

Decrease Anxiety & Stress

A common withdrawal symptom is also anxiety. On top of the stress that comes with early recovery, these feelings can be overwhelming. Reiki therapy is meant to help patients relax and reduce their anxiety. A few studies on the topic show that reiki does appear to be effective in decreasing the anxiety of patients of different populations.1 In experiments with lab rats, reiki consistently led to reduced stress levels as well.2

Healthier Vitals

A drug or alcohol addiction can wreak havoc on the body, especially with long-term abuse. It may lead to cardiovascular and respiratory problems. One of the benefits of reiki for addiction patients is that it may be able to help with some of the issues. A research study found that reiki was effective in lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration. These improvements may be the first step in recovering physically from addiction.

While the benefits of Reiki healing for addiction can be hard to quantify in traditional scientific measures, those who are willing to accept it often praise its benefits.

At Seaside Palm Beach, we understand the need for comprehensive healing during the recovery process. To help our patients, we offer everything from reiki to brain integration therapy. This gives them the ability to heal on several levels and find what works best for them as they transition back to their everyday life.

You do not have to live with an addiction. Get treatment today or find out how you could help a loved one in need by calling 561-677-9374.



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