Why Do Rich People Do Drugs?

Drugs and substance abuse have both been stigmatized as lower-class afflictions. While many people in the working class find themselves under the overwhelming power of addiction, its power does not stop there. And when you have all the means to secure your next high, it can feel like you are spiraling out of control. With that being said, let’s answer a common question: why do rich people do drugs?


Drugs and Social Class

Drugs have played a significant role in human society, regardless of class. It is widely noted that those from a lower socioeconomic standing tend to abuse substances more often than those from a higher class. This is true in the fact that the risk factors that may lead people to drug addiction and abuse are more common in households of lower economic statuses.1 That doesn’t change the fact that drugs and alcohol abuse can be prevalent in higher economic households as well. Many people who come from long-standing wealth develop their own struggles with addiction and substance abuse.


At Seaside Palm Beach, we know that addiction does not discriminate. Our luxury residential rehab facility allows patients to always feel comfortable while they face their problems head-on. We provide the most modern treatments to not only overcome an addiction or disorder but provide a foundation for a prolonged and lasting recovery. We are here to help you, no matter your background.


Drug Abuse Among the Rich and Famous

The adage goes, “money can’t buy happiness.” We also know that mental health and addiction-related issues are problems that money cannot solve. But when you have access to money, it can be easy to try and then fall into the grips of addiction. So, why do rich people do drugs?


Easy Access

One of the symptoms of substance abuse and addiction is financial ruin. When you have a seemingly endless supply of disposable cash on hand, that risk factor leaves the mind. Money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy a good time without thinking of the potential ramifications.


High Expectations

For many, drugs start to escape from their reality. Money comes with a price, and that price is usually unrealistic expectations and responsibility. Even when expectations have not been placed on them, those with money often feel that if they do not achieve success in their endeavors, they will be a failure and even lose acceptance from their peers. Such pressures can cause anxiety, sadness, low self-esteem, and other such issues highly correlated with substance abuse.


Protected From the World

Drugs and addiction tend to deteriorate the world you live in. Whether it is financial problems, relationship issues, or struggles at work, substance abuse can leave your life tattered. If you have wealth at your disposal, you can evade the consequences of addiction and substance abuse for longer than those without. Individuals with wealth are insulated from the consequences of addiction that might otherwise force someone to recognize their problem and get help.


Understanding why there is still drug abuse among the wealthy gives us a better understanding of how relentless addiction is and how it does not care where you come from. Anyone can be susceptible to its grasp and have their world crumble around them. At our rehab center in South Florida, we welcome all who want to find a better, healthier, cleaner way of living. If substance abuse does not discriminate, neither will we.


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