How to Navigate the Holidays Sober

Thanksgiving feast sober

There are many factors that contribute to addiction, including environment and stress.

The holidays, unfortunately, can combine both of these to trigger challenging feelings, and even relapse. At Seaside Palm Beach, we know that you can stay sober for the holidays and beyond the holiday season. If you are heading back home after completing drug and alcohol rehab in South Florida, here are tips for how to stay sober over the holidays.

Sober Holiday Tips

Whether you are heading home for the holidays or celebrating elsewhere, it is important to understand how to stay sober over the holidays. Here are sober holiday tips from our luxury rehab in South Florida:

  • Build a support network. Before leaving drug and alcohol rehab in South Florida, you should establish a support network for long-term sobriety. Make sure to build a support network wherever you’ll be for the holidays as well. This can include looking up local meetings or keeping in contact with your alumni network after completing treatment.
  • Understand your triggers. Triggers are nothing to be ashamed of, and understanding your triggers can help you avoid the temptation for relapse. Assess the people, places, and situations that may be triggering for your sobriety. Either develop a coping strategy or consider avoiding these situations so you can navigate the holidays sober.
  • Plan sober holiday activities. If old holiday traditions are centered around substance use, such as drinking, it’s time to develop new traditions. There are a variety of sober holiday activities that the whole family can enjoy, such as a holiday scavenger hunt, visiting museums, or taking part in holiday-themed karaoke.

The holidays can always be challenging, especially if you’re newly sober after completing drug and alcohol rehab in South Florida. We hope that these sober holiday tips make it easy to stay sober during the holidays and beyond.

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