The Effects of Vaping on Athletes

The Effects of Vaping on Athletes

As a luxury addiction treatment center, we know that toxic substances like drugs and alcohol can have devastating effects on the human body, but does vaping fall into this same category?

Vaping is the new trend that has been wildly growing in popularity in the past years, especially among teens. One survey found that the number of 12th graders that reported vaping in the last 12 months rose to 37.3% in 2018 compared to 27.8% in 2017.1 One of the biggest problems with this craze is that because it is a more recent trend, the negative effects are still being discovered. One topic that has been growing in interest, in particular, is the connection between frequent vaping and athletic performance.

The Effects of Vaping on Athletic Performance

There are many teen athletes that juul, but they aren’t the only ones. From shooting hoops in the driveway to running out of the tunnel onto Lambeau Field, athletes of all different levels may have tried vaping. What many of these people do not know is that they could be hurting their bodies as well as their athletic careers.

The effects of vaping on athlete performance include:

  • Trouble catching your breath
  • Lowered stamina
  • Severe breathing or lung problems including lung disease
  • Cardiac problems

The long-term effects of vaping on athletes don’t stop there. Some research suggests that vaping may also lead to an increased risk of smoking regular cigarettes that could exacerbate these health issues.2 Other people are starting to wonder if vaping is similar to drug addiction. It appears that many teens especially can get hooked. Could a detox program and professional treatment soon be necessary to get them to stop?

Not only can vaping have serious health effects for athletes, but it can also come with other consequences. Many high schools especially have started making vaping an offense that necessitates suspension from sports teams in an effort to get kids to stop. Along with the negative health effects, missing games and practices will only hurt the chances of advancing further in their athletic careers. The exact effects of vaping on athletes are still being explored, but who knows what new research will arise in the coming years on the topic.

Often, vaping is just the beginning. If you think your young adult may be addicted to drugs or alcohol, our professional interventionists in South Florida may be able to help. It is important that you get your child help before their problems hurt both their health and their future, sport or not. To learn more about how we may be able to help you at Seaside Palm Beach, call us today at 561-677-9374.



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