Luxury Pain Medication Addiction Treatment

Although prescription pills are given to patients by doctors to treat a variety of ailments, they are not always safe. In many cases, included in the laundry list of possible side effects is the risk of becoming addicted to the drugs. In 2017, over 18 million Americans had misused a prescription medication in the last year.1 Although many people will stop there, frequent misuse can lead to dependence and addiction. Commonly abused prescription drugs include stimulants, tranquilizers, sedatives, and painkillers.

Pain Medication Addiction Treatment

Prescription painkillers especially have a high likelihood of being abused. It is estimated that between 21-29% of patients prescribed opioid painkillers for chronic pain will end up misusing them.2 Because of their high propensity for abuse, prescription painkillers are also one of the leading causes behind the opioid epidemic in the United States.

If you or a someone you care about is struggling with an addiction to prescription opioids, you are not alone. As one of the few facilities in the country that specializes in luxury pain medication addiction, our goal is to provide the highest level of comfort possible for our patients during the course of their treatment while helping them manage their chronic pain without the continued use of harmful and addictive prescriptions. Our luxury pain medication addiction treatment in Florida could help you overcome your addiction in comfort and prevent the problems from escalating.

Because prescription opioids can be expensive and hard to get a hold of, some people who become addicted to these drugs will start abusing heroin. Heroin is stronger, cheaper, and usually more accessible, but it also comes with more dangers. At Seaside Palm Beach, we also offer luxury heroin addiction treatment for people who have graduated to this drug and are looking to regain control.

Signs Someone Needs Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Because these medications are prescribed by a doctor, it can be hard to tell whether someone needs prescription medication addiction treatment or if they are just sick. Drug abuse is typically accompanied by physical, mental, and behavioral changes that worsen as the addiction becomes more severe. Because prescription drugs are such an extensive group, the symptoms of abuse can vary dramatically.

Signs of a prescription pill addiction include:

  • Empty pill bottle
  • Taking medication for no apparent medical reason
  • Doctor shopping
  • Taking more medication than prescribed
  • Lying about medication use or dosage
  • Carrying pills everywhere
  • Mood Swings

High-End Prescription Pill Addiction Treatment at Seaside

At Seaside Palm Beach, our luxury prescription medication addiction treatment was developed to give patients professional and compassionate first-class treatment, while allowing them to maintain a lifestyle of comfort and luxury.

With so many prescription medications of abuse out there and all of them having different effects, our

luxury prescription drug abuse programs in Florida are broken down depending on the medication being abused. Upon first entering our luxury Palm Beach rehab, patients are given a full clinical assessment to address their addiction, goals, and overall health. This evaluation is designed to create a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses both the common problems associated their chosen drug as well as their individual needs.

Most of our patients will begin their road to recovery with our luxury detox program to combat their physical dependence before transitioning into a program that will address their other needs. With daily programming and therapies, patients in our Florida prescription drug addiction treatment will work both in small groups as well as individually with a trained therapist. These groups with other patients in similar situations assures patients that they are not alone and creates a community of support that they can come to rely on in recovery. Besides the best addiction care available, our patients are afforded the time and environment to reflect on the factors that contributed to their addiction and approach possible solutions with a clean system and fresh perspective. Our experience has shown the more energy our patients can devote to self-examination during their treatment, the higher their chance of achieving permanent sobriety in the future.

Treatment takes place on our resort-like campus in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida. In between psychiatric therapy sessions, patients will be able to enjoy our many amenities including first-class suites, gourmet meals prepared by our in-house executive chef, full-service exercise facilities, swimming pool, recreational facilities, and the beautiful Florida weather. Our high-standard facility has been a temporary home to professional athletes, artists, politicians and other individuals of affluence.

Our high-end prescription drug addiction treatment program in Palm Beach provides the best possible shot at permanent and definitive recovery from prescription medication dependency. Get started today.



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