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environmental causes of relapse

Environmental Causes of Relapse

Environmental Causes of Relapse A relapse is when a person uses drugs or alcohol after a period of abstinence or sobriety. Relapse is common in early recovery but not inevitable. There are many reasons for relapse that our high-end rehab is well aware of. Although there are several relapse prevention strategies recovering addicts can use, it’s important to remember that addiction is a disease, and recovery is a lifelong process. Below are some common environmental causes of relapse that you should be aware of if you or someone you know is recovering from addiction. Why People Relapse The idea of relapsing can be confusing to some. Why would someone jeopardize months or years of sobriety for one moment? Why would someone go back to square one after working so hard to get sober? As mentioned before, addiction is a disease like any other. It’s characterized by an uncontrollable urge and desire to...