Luxury Drug Treatment: Feeling Better and Looking Better Too!

When I was at my luxury drug treatment facility, I learned a lot about the ways in which my drug use had damaged my body. Luckily, they did teach me ways to repair and reverse some of the damage. One thing that you don’t realize while you’re actively using is the ramifications of the drugs on your skin. Because you see your face every day in the mirror it is close to impossible to notice the gradual and slight changes that occur as time goes on and as drug use continues. Also, cleaning and pampering your face are not high on your priority list when you’re using. Never does the “oh, I should wash my face before bed” though enter your mind when you’re high. The thought certainly does not occur to you as you begin your day, either. All you’re concerned about at that time is when and where you’re going to get your first hit of the day.

Unfortunately, the drug use goes on for a prolonged period of time and in that time, your skin ages – sometimes at triple the speed of someone else’s skin. My therapist at the luxury drug treatment facility, on one of the very first days, handed me a face moisturizer and told me to use it, right away. I felt affronted but once she explained how the drugs and alcohol I used and abused had dehydrated my skin, I sincerely appreciated the gesture. After that, I took a sincere look at myself in the mirror. I can remember seeing the beginning of fine lines and blotchiness from the broken blood vessels in my face. Once I could comprehend the physical and exterior damage that I had inflicted on my skin, I bought a bottle of sunscreen at the bookstore and started using it daily.

Little things like that, little luxuries mean so much to you while you’re in treatment. Sure, you are at a luxury drug treatment facility; you are by no means living a life of squalor but that does not mean that you are not, simultaneously, at the lowest point in your life. Little things like that skin moisturizer helped me to feel human again. I was suddenly motivated to take care of myself and my body similar to the way in which a sober person would take care of herself. Routines like face-washing and basic hygiene heighten your everyday functioning – most importantly, your everyday functioning without drugs. As I began these routines while I was in luxury drug treatment, I also began to realize that investing in my appearance – with routines as simple as washing my face – had a huge impact on how I look which; in turn, had a huge impact on how I felt.

When you are feeling good, you feel empowered. And suddenly, one day you wake up and you feel like you can conquer the world. For me, that all started with choosing to get help at a luxury drug treatment facility.


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